Free 3-Part Backbend Series with Robin Penney

Join me on the mat in a series designed to help you find more stability and freedom in your backbends!

what it really takes to feel better in your backbends

Backbends like Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) and Upward Facing Bow (Urdhva Dhanurasana) are often practiced toward the end of our yoga practices. Do you struggle with having them feel good? Even if we’ve been practicing yoga for years, we can often suffer through the 3 repetitions that are offered, but our backbends never REALLY feel good. Or we can get stuck at certain stages and can’t move to the next form of the pose.

  • Get crunchy in the low back?
  • Stuck in Bridge and can’t figure out how to press all the way up?
  • Told that backbends like these should open the heart and make you feel euphoric, and that’s not *quite* like your experience…it’s more frustrating and defeating?
  • Or maybe you’re naturally bendy and can easily move into these poses, but need to work differently to avoid injury and to create more integration and stability in these poses?
  • Or perhaps you’re a teacher and are struggling with ways to teach these poses to your students?

I feel your pain. I’ve been working on these poses for many years to get more movement in my body, and into a place where I feel GOOD in my backbends. And I’ve worked with hundreds of students to help them find more openness and strength in these postures. Please enjoy these 3 practices designed to help you unlock some new things in your backbend practice. It’s free!

3-Part Backbend Series

Stuck in your backbends? Crunchy in the low back? Do they just not "feel good"? Get access to 3 separate yoga practices that will guide you through some effective ways to work on backbends like Bridge Pose and Upward Facing Bow. Let's open up and feel strong!! Grab your mat and let’s practice!

xo, Robin

In these practices, you will learn how to:

Open the hips and shoulders to get more freedom for backbends

Use the power of your LEGS to find more evenness and freedom in your back

Use props to get “unstuck” and how to move from one stage to the next

Your Host Robin Penney

Robin Penney is a Certified Yoga Teacher based in Santa Cruz, California. She is known for her clarity in verbal instruction, smart, creative sequencing, and her unique method of breaking down postures into their component parts so that students can work towards challenges using intelligent and skillful action in the body. Robin completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training under the Anusara method, and then went on to complete an advanced training in the inventive and breath-based Kula Flow method. She taught at Nova Yoga Studio for several years before relocating to California in 2015, where she now teaches Vinyasa and Yin classes at Luma Yoga in Santa Cruz, as well as offering yoga classes through her online class library.

Robin uses the asana practice as a training ground for exploring mental and emotional patterns and behaviors within the self and with others off the mat, and she incorporates the rich traditions of yoga philosophy through story, mantra, and breath work into her classes. An enthusiastic teacher since 2011, she is currently working on a 500-hour RYT certification in the Alchemy of Flow and Form with Christina Sell and Giocanda Parker. Robin’s love of travel and immersion in the practice has lead her to co-teach international yoga retreats in beautiful locations, such as Costa Rica and Greece.