Flying Pigeon / Eka Pada Galavasana

An Asana Deconstructed Series with Robin Penney

Home Practice Pose Breakdown Flying PigeonIn this Asana Deconstructed Series, we’ll learn to break down and refine Flying Pigeon (or Eka Pada Galavasana). This is a challenging arm balance, BUT there are several little pieces to it that we can work on together, and once you have the flexibility and the strength, PLUS learn a few tricks, it’s likely you’ll fly!!!

AND, you’ll learn a lot of things (physically, and into the deeper levels of the heart and the mind) that will feed your yoga practice in other ways as well.

By breaking this pose down into it’s component parts and working on skillful actions in the body, our yoga practice as a whole can become more mindful, unified, and joyful.

And by learning different variations of the pose, we can make informed, intelligent choices to our own approach to practicing this posture based on our own range of motion, strength, and mobility, not to mention our energy level on a particular day.


  • Four modules:
    • 1: Hip Flexibility
    • 2: Core and Arm Strength
    • 3: Leverage to Lift Back Knee
    • 4. Extending the Back Leg
  • The practices and skill builders/pose variations will be delivered via video format and can be streamed over an internet connection from any device. You can do the practice anytime, from anywhere.


  • Each of the 4 modules will focus on a separate aspect of the pose, and will include:
    • A short welcome video
    • One 30- to 50-min yoga practice that will incorporate the lesson for that week.
    • Several “skill builders” and “pose variations” to help increase your capacity
    • A practice journal workbook to record what you’re doing, any questions, etc.
    • A printable sequence guide of the full practice for your reference

Tuition: $48

Flying Pigeon Series

Tuition: $48

Robin’s teaching style is both infectious and contagious. I love her slow, soft, & gentle voice. Robin has a playful, yet very specific way of teaching. She’s quite thorough and provides great detail. I enjoyed the Flying Pigeon series tremendously! Thank you, Robin! ❤️

Sylvia Howse

Love practicing and learning with Robin. Robin brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every practice which influences and motivates me every time I step on my mat. Lots of love and respect for Robin, a great teacher and a beautiful person to share all things yoga with.

Heather Stamp Nunes

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this online class. I will continue to practice and use the learning materials into the upcoming year. The materials Robin presented were detailed, thorough and also encouraging. I‘m not sure I’ll ever get to this pose but it doesn’t matter since the strength I’m building along the way is important to me now. I look forward to working with Robin on future courses.

Theresa Dobbin-Pittman