Small Transformations

Small transformations add up to big change. I help frazzled people who are tired of feeling out of control find strength, mobility, and calm through the practices of yoga + movement, breathwork, and daily rituals for a clear, mindful, and focused life.

Make Small Transformations with my $5 online course

From frazzle to calm. Learn the basics of morning rituals, breathing, moving, mindfulness, and other tools of the practice to start the process of small transformations with my online course. You can get it right now, from this page, for only $5.

Robin Penney

Intentional living and modern functional movement have the power to change the world, one person at a time.

Robin is a thoughtful and giving teacher of yoga, movement, and breathwork. With close to a decade of teaching experience Robin has a passion for helping moms feel strong and confident in their bodies, and to introducing daily rituals of intention and mindfulness into modern families.

Robin teaches locally in Santa Cruz, California, and hosts international retreats…

Small Transformations Course

This $5 course will introduce you to my method, and is the perfect way to test out if practicing with me is right for you.

What you’ll get:

Instructional videos of ….
A PDF explaining…
How to setup your home practice space
Nutrition resources.
An embodied mindfulness practice.
A full length class so you can practice along with me at home.

Here’s what people are saying: 

“Your mediation has been the most useful tool over the last few years. I consistently practice this meditation and it’s gotten me through some pretty tough times. I just wanted to let you know how important your teachings have been to me. Your friendship is equally important I feel such a comfort in knowing we can pick up where we left off without the nonsense!” ~ Kristie Wheeler

“This is good!!  I need to print it and include it in my writing today.” ~ Karin White

“Love this!!! Especially the part at the end about the surrender / not being in charge when we let the breath lead the way. Really gives the mind a new way to focus on things, and helps you to be mindful of breath throughout an asana practice rather than just at certain points. Loving this, Robin – thanks!” ~ Emilie Martin

“This email is sooo wonderful! I love everything you wrote here, and I love the way you brought the 2D vs. 3D model of the body into your insightful reflections. I also agree that we could really use to find some different language than “modification”, which is sooo 2D. 🙂 I love it.” ~ Jenni Rawlings

“I watched the whole video and it’s excellent. We are going to subscribe and do it!” ~ Steve White

“Really enjoyed this email. Your knocking it out of the park!!” ~ Joann Greeley