Feel strong, mobile, confident, and full of energy for your family and your work


with the help of a personal yoga + movement coach that helps you work with chronic pain and halt your body from falling apart.


This, I know is true.

Running a family and managing a “weird, but good” career or business outside the typical 9-5 corporate environment is not easy!

It attracts a certain type of woman — driven, creative, motivated, self-sacrificing…might I say, Type A.

These qualities are the foundations of a great mother and an amazing contributor to the community through work.

But they can also get in the way if they are not channeled effectively.

There is no blueprint running your own show, and there’s very little downtime.

When things get busy, which they often do, the body tends to get ignored, and we just try to get work and life done, living from the head up.

All it takes is an injury, pushing the body too far in a workout, sitting in strange ways, or simply just working on the wrong things to fall into a pattern of ignoring the true messages from the body and mind and winding up in chronic muscle and joint pain.

Robin Penney

Robin Penney

Yoga + Movement Teacher - E-RYT 500

That’s where I come in.

You know that personality type I just described?  That is me too!

And for a long time in my many years as a successful corporate manager and later a yoga teacher running my own business (yes, I dared to leave the safety of corporate America to go out on my own!) these parts of me brought me great success and enjoyment in my role as a mom and in my teaching career.

I set out to make a life dedicated to mindfulness, teaching others all I knew about yoga postures that helped my students feel their own power and strength, all the while raising my two children.

I built a yoga business while raising my family with a lot of creativity, drive, and heart, and I sacrificed a lot to get there.


But somewhere along the way (after I hit my 40s), those same qualities began to work against me, and my confidence and energy reflected this.

Top this with a looming experience of chronic hip and back pain and it led me to drastically shift the way I was teaching and practicing yoga and movement.


During this time of deep personal exploration and learning, I set out to pinpoint what had changed.

After all, I was still intrinsically the same driven and mindful person, and I FELT strong enough, but my body seemed to not like what I was asking it to do in my yoga practice and in my daily life.

I was experiencing chronic pain, I was starting to become fearful of moving, was feeling betrayed by an approach to a yoga practice that was not helping my body feel good anymore.

And I felt emotionally conflicted as I continued to share this approach that suddenly didn’t feel right to be sharing with my students.

Yoga + Movement Training

2020: Detour Informed Teacher via Yoga Detour Online with Cecily Milne

2019: Yin Yoga: The Functional Approach Training with Paul Grilley

2019: Spinal Workshop with Jenn Pilotti

2018: LOTS of online courses, including: Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Current with Jenni Rawlings, Low Back Pain Course with Movement Logic, Mobility-Based Conditioning with Jules Mitchell, Pushup and Pull-up Course with Kathyrn Bruni-Young

2018: Ankle, Knee, and Hip Workshop with Jenn Pilotti

2017: Skeletal-Variation + Inquiry-Informed Training with Valerie Moselle

2017: Granted E-RYT-500 and YACEP certification from Yoga Alliance

2017: 300-hr. Advanced Training: Alchemy of Flow and Form with Christina Sell, Gioconda Parker, and guest faculty

2016: The Science of the Private Lesson with Francesca Cervero

2013: 75-hr. Kula Flow Training with Schuyler Grant

2012: 200-hr Anusara Yoga Training with Kenny Graham, Samantha Shakti Brown, Christina Sell, Darren Roades, Cate Stillman, and Nessha Zollinger

Fast forward almost 6 years and these days I’m feeling confident, I’m moving and practicing in a completely different way, and once again thoroughly enjoying my body, knowing that it has the capacity to fuel and sustain both my business and my family life for years to come.


Along the way, I added functional movement, skeletal variation, progressive loading, nervous system regulation, breathwork, and other science-based methodologies to my already-extensive yoga background.

I became trained in techniques that specifically target a full range of motion that benefits the body long-term instead of being temporary, and integrated it all into a one-of-a-kind solution custom-built for moms and weird workers like you.

I tell you this because I want you to know that I GET IT. I’m with you in the emotional rollercoaster this demanding working-parent life puts you on, and I’ll be right alongside you as you embrace and conquer to transform pain into strength, mobility, and confidence.  

Does this really work?

Absolutely!  Not only did it work for me, but for my clients as well.  Feel free to read up on their transformations and breakthroughs.

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