Let’s get your chronic aches and pains handled so you can free up energy for family and your important work again.



If you’re ready to start really listening to your body so you can make the good stuff better and turn the pain switch in your brain to the OFF position, you’re in the right place.






If you’re curious to know whether I’m the right teacher, coach, and guide for you, then you’re in the right place.

(If you haven’t attended a mini-retreat and talk with me on Moving from Chronic Pain to Moving Freely Again and want some more info, please go here to watch a pre-recorded version of this talk). 

In this special 1-hour private phone consultation, we’ll discuss the following:

  • Discover what may be missing from your over-40 movement practice (if you have one), that can help reactivate your body’s capacity for health, rejuvenation, and movement that feels good


  • Uncover the obstacles that prevent you from moving on a regular basis and what to do about it


  • Outline a gentle, personalized action plan for how to take back control of your body, rebuild strength and mobility just where you need it (without requiring full-length daily yoga practices, tying yourself into pretzel shapes, or a perfect, zen-like yoga room in your home)


And If I think we are a great fit, and that I can absolutely get you where you want to go, I’ll answer all of your questions about working together, including introducing you to my Signature Program.

Normally, I charge $165 for this time. But as a new client welcome gift, this session is absolutely free for qualified applicants if you’ve attended a Mini-Retreat or other Talk with me, based on my availability. I only offer a handful of these sessions each month.

To get started, please complete the following confidential Application.

Robin Penney

Robin Penney

Yoga + Movement Teacher - E-RYT 500


Helping 40+ women with a business and a life that requires them to be active transform chronic muscle tightness and joint pain into strength, mobility, and confidence about their future via in-person or online coaching.


Meet Robin Penney:

Robin has been teaching women how to deal with chronic pain and gain the strength and confidence to thrive in their family and work life since 2017.

She started as a yoga teacher in 2011 who knew a lot about yoga postures, but not a whole lot about functional movement and how the body actually works.

After learning some tough lessons as a mom to two teenagers and yoga teacher struggling with her own chronic pain, she cracked the code and created her signature More Than Stretching program designed to help her fellow moms with a business find areas of weakness in the bodies and strengthen those areas to increase and restore general wellbeing and enjoy their life more fully.

Robin likes to mix things up with her creative practice sequences and is known for her encouraging, supportive style of teaching and her clearly organized, step-by-step programs that break down myths, encourage a state of inquiry and trusting the intelligence of the body.  Her work gives busy, driven women permission to relax and nurture themselves fully.

She is the founder and facilitator of the Calm + Connected Collective, an online group of yoga students who practice together with Robin’s unique Monthly Yoga Playlists, a seasonally-based collection of 5-8 classes per month that help students develop progressive strength and cultivate self care. The Calm + Connected Collective program uses the power of a collective buddy system to make sure students actually show up on their mat and practice using 4x/weekly Yoga Accountability Groups. Robin also helps students work through other mindset issues and that tend to get in the way of a home yoga + movement practice and help them successfully install the habit of regular movement and nervous system regulation for ease, joy, and resilience.

When she’s not working with one-on-one with clients, Robin teaches outdoor group yoga classes on her deck in Santa Cruz, CA, as well as California and international retreats with an emphasis on how daily routines, breathwork, functional movement, and variety is key to longevity and healthy living for women who are trying to get life and work done.

In 2015, she and her husband, architect and self-proclaimed wine geek Mark Penney, left Newfoundland, Canada to move to the sunshine of the Santa Cruz coastline in California. Robin and Mark co-created their California Yoga + Wine Retreat which kicked off its debut long weekend in November 2019 as a pre-holiday-season reset. They live in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains in the small-ish town of Scotts Valley, with their daughter Tylar and son Sam, and their cat, Felix.

Learn more about me and my approach to movement and making your body and mind work for YOU here.

Robin helped me move my body with greater freedom after a hip injury!

“From my first class with Robin, I knew she offered something special. There is a thoughtful and accommodating approach she utilizes in her instruction. Every class has a different flavor of exploration that allows me to reconsider assumptions I have about how my body moves, to deepen my awareness of how to listen and nurture the intelligence that my body offers as I move it in new ways, and she makes it playful and fun! Robin’s passion for sharing movement as a tool for healthy living is palpable. She is knowledgeable, engaged, and very attuned to the needs of her students!

When I injured my hip over the summer, Robin was the first person I contacted to ask for guidance to rehabilitate this injury. This is when I got to learn on a deeper level all of the thought and intention she pours in to her instruction. From start to finish in her “More Than Stretching” program, Robin offers a well-designed curriculum that creates new insights in to the body and how to move it with greater freedom. All of this is done with her positive and affirming presence. I recommend Robin as a masterful teacher and coach to anyone who is ready to deepen their awareness of their body and to increase their vitality through movement!”

Joy Pacetti, Santa Cruz, CA

Massage and Cranial-sacral Therapist

I no longer need those supplements and pain relievers!

“Robin helped me to transform my life by helping me establish rituals for new healthy habits.  She met me exactly where I was at physically and mentally – creating a program that was challenging/appealing and painlessly incorporated into my life.  The one-on-one time was precious and helped me to connect the dots and see my progress. The personalized videos were well thought out and available whenever I needed them. I started this program taking supplements to help with joint pain/health – at the end of her program, I am happy to say that I no longer need those supplements and pain relievers!”

Michelle Meszaros-Sjoberg, Santa Cruz, CA


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