I meet my clients wherever they are in their journey.


From women who’ve never practiced yoga or done much movement at all and have only an inkling of their body’s potential,

to those in the messy middle of sorting out what works for their 40+ body and what doesn’t,

to those who have an established practice and need help troubleshooting areas of weakness so they can get stronger. 

It’s all proactive. It’s gentle, enjoyable, and doable.

And it’s challenging at just the right level for YOU.

So how do I help my clients break free from chronic muscle tightness and joint pain?

In short, it takes more than just “stretching it out” in yoga to change.

Sure, you might feel better right after a yoga practice, but many of the results don’t last.

I teach a new kind of “functional yoga” that goes beyond “feel better for a bit.”

I show clients how to STRENGTHEN and RESTORE those parts of your body that have become weak and cause you pain.

You see, our habitual ways of exercising, sitting, standing, getting up and down off the floor, and generally just getting life done, can get us STUCK in a pain rut.

I promise you this: There is a way to enjoy all the benefits of yoga that feels good to you… and adjust it to make the practice work BETTER for bodies with joint and muscle pain. 

Each person’s body is truly different (even at the skeleton level!), and I am ready to teach you how to ACTUALLY “listen to your body” and lead you away from chronic pain.

That’s why I make sure to meet my clients where they are.

Rest assured, my approach IS NOT about doing fancy tie-yourself-into-a-pretzel yoga poses or daily, hour-long zen-like practices.

At the conclusion of our time together you will know how to move in your yoga practice and in everyday life, have a plan for continually getting stronger and feeling in control of the pain in your entire body.

The More Than Stretching Method

In my private practice, I guide my clients through the following step-by-step milestones of transforming joint and muscle pain:

Step 1: Stop the Fear with Safe, Pain-Free Movement Swaps

I’ll show you how to explore and discover movements that feel safe and do NOT cause pain so you can stop being afraid of movement and immediately gain more confidence. You’ll start swapping simple movement patterns for pain-free alternatives that feel better.

Step 2: Elevate Your Stress Response Through Breathwork

I’ll teach you how to use supportive breath patterns to not only reduce pain and anxiety but also re-establish a sense of greater ease in your body so you can get stronger and more comfortable.

Step 3: Rejuvenate Your Body With Daily Mini-Movement Pauses 

I’ll teach you how to feed your body and brain through a simple but profound full-body daily mobility technique that I like to call “Kitchen Yoga.” You can do it while making coffee, waiting for the rice to cook or while chatting with your kids. Your joints will love this movement.

Step 4: Reawaken Underworking Parts of the Body to Get Stronger for Long-Term Pain Relief

I’ll guide you through a detailed assessment of your range of motion and usable strength in all the major joints of your body. We’ll find out where your body has little weaknesses that might be your body’s message to get stronger. Getting stronger in these areas over time leads to less pain when sitting, standing, sleeping and moving.

Step 5: Rebuild Your Strength and Range of Motion

I’ll save you precious time and energy and show you where to focus your exercise and practice efforts and exactly how. I’ll design Short and Sweet Targeted Practices just for you: challenging enough for YOUR body and supportive in the ways you need support.

Step 6: 10-Minute Movement Rituals for Stopping Pain in its Tracks

It’s important to have a ritual you can turn to when you need to shift your mindset, feel an ache, pain, or body tension starting to build and want to feel BETTER, fast. We’ll design this quick practice together so you’ll have a go-to movement framework you’ll love and that loves you back.

Throughout: Eliminate Barriers to Moving Regularly with Enjoyable Routines

For you to actually get your practice and movement routines done, it has to be ENJOYABLE. We’ll work together on how to schedule and spend Home Practice Time so you remove barriers.  This simple accountability system will keep you on track so you can reconnect with your body, breath, mind, and spirit regularly and actually see the results you’re seeking.

Are you ready to experience a stronger body that you can count on in your life and work?

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