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a yoga practice that is functional for your body, creative for your mind, and nurturing for your soul

  • Connect with yourSELF, turn down the dial on stress.  And then take that connection to expand toward your family and community with everyday tools that create greater intention and awareness.
  • Get to know the body YOU’RE IN with a yoga practice that recognizes variation in the way bodies are put together, daily movement patterns you’ve used for the last however-many years, and evolves traditional yogic practices for modern life.
  • Work toward challenging postures you thought you’d never do. Learn how to break them down into manageable pieces that you can practice at your own level, with your body so you can unlock the next piece in YOUR journey.
  • Take your yoga and meditation practice into deeper meaning through mythology, philosophy, science, and art so the MIND is also engaged and interested. Let yourself explore interconnectedness.

500 Hour Yoga Certification Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider Experienced Yoga Teacher

I’m Robin Penney, and I’m a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. I teach vinyasa flow yoga that incorporates pose breakdowns and functional movement exercises to help students feel their body and breath, and the sensations of BEING HERE in the moment.

I encourage you to get curious about the various pieces of your human self (body/mind/spirit). And I’ll gently guide you to cultivate a sense of dedication, self-acceptance, and adventure.

Explore your practice. Find out what you’re really capable of. Then go deeper.

I passionately look forward to my weekly private practice with Robin because I truly feel transformed.

The most special attribute of a private session is how Robin works with how your body is feeling that day or specific requests to strengthen certain areas of your body. Her knowledge of the human body, yoga poses that effect specific areas, as well as your level in the practice are all accounted for so you never feel like you can’t do it. In fact, sometimes you surprise yourself. I’m both physically and mentally challenged each session with new found strength and realizing a better part of myself emerging each time.

Thanks to Robin, I feel like I can give more of myself to the life surrounding me!

Malaka Ibrahim Thompson


The practices that Robin leads help me slow down a little without sacrificing breath and the strength and flexibility of the flow.

I also love how each class she has taught that I have come to has been different; she offers a variety of poses, which is great, seeing how a lot of teachers will teach the same flow time and time again. Most of the other classes I go to are more of a power flow vinyasa, so the pace of Robin’s class is a gentle reminder for me to take a step down from time to time.

My husband, Alex, enjoyed her class as he has not been to yoga in a really long time and he felt it was a good pace for beginners, again without sacrificing the strength of the practice.

Kristen Cloer


Robin’s teaching style is both infectious and contagious. I love her slow, soft, & gentle voice. Robin has a playful, yet very specific way of teaching. She’s quite thorough and provides great detail. I enjoyed the online Flying Pigeon series tremendously! Thank you, Robin! ❤️

Sylvia Howse

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