Initiate your at-home yoga + movement experience with several free online video + audio practices to calm, invigorate, and connect you to YOU.

Private yoga + movement teacher in Santa Cruz, California

Robin’s thoughtfully-prepared practice videos are a gift.

“I am learning so much from my Shelter-in-Place regular practice with your videos! I really appreciate the continuation of themes and the introduction of new themes. I have been trying to practice daily, which is a gift of this challenging time. Thank you for your very thoughtfully prepared practice videos!”

Jean Gallager-Heil, Scotts Valley, CA


Starting March 15, 2021, join me LIVE on Zoom at 7:30am PST on Mondays for just 30 minutes. These quick practices are for YOU to enjoy. No need to even turn on the camera or engage (unless you want to). Just soak up the practice. Take it in. Let it feed your system.

When you join my online class library at the WATER tier ($22/month), you’ll get the Zoom link for these short online classes. Great for accountability (hint, hint.) If you can’t make it live, join the FIRE tier to get access to the class recordings and practice at your convenience.

Let’s start our days and weeks off right, with intentional movement and clarifying breathwork. See you on the mat.  


Ranges from $11- $44 per month

The Online Library (hosted on the Patreon app) is an evolving collection of yoga + movement classes that go beyond the traditional yoga practice of primarily stretching. The library presents both flow and strength-based practices as a means to see and feel your body-mind’s wisdom. It’s a wonderfully affordable way to keep up (or start!) your practice at home.  Join me.


Wanna kickstart your morning movement practice? Join me on Monday mornings at 7:30am PST for 30 minutes via Zoom.

A 5-minute welcome and settle in will be followed by a short 20-minute yoga and movement class to get the blood flowing, the breath moving, and your mind going in the right direction. A 5-minute Q+A / chit-chat will close out out time together (or…you might just stay in Savasana…ahhhhh….).

These weekly classes are part of the WATER tier on my online class library via Patreon ($22/month). The Zoom link will be shared  there so you can practice live!

Or if you’d like access to the recordings of the 20-minute practices after the fact, please join the FIRE tier ($33/month) and practice them at your convenience. Join me!


One of the blessings of 2020 was that my family and I moved to a new house, and I now have space for Yoga on the Deck classes! Practicing outside is amazing, and the deck is shaded with some epic California oak trees. Feel the air on your skin (layer up for cooler weather!), enjoy the vista of the sky, and take in the sounds of nature around you. It’s glorious.

These outdoor classes are not drop-in; you must have a cohort of up to 6 stable students to make up a class. 

My schedule is fairly full, so please contact me about pricing and availability.

This is a socially-distanced class format, and masks are required. Let’s stay safe! 


Though I have loved teaching online and teaching groups, truly my favorite way to teach is via Private Yoga Studentship. We can just get into so much more than what’s possible in a group class. Many of my students have done regular private work with me for years.

Practicing one-on-one (or sometimes with your BFF or your SO, as pictured here!) gives you a ton of flexibility with scheduling, a sense of accountability, and the pleasure of being guided into a deep practice that you’ll savor. Plus, you get to ask for exactly what you need that day, and we work within that request. It will be the best hour of your week!

My schedule is fairly full, so please contact me about pricing and availability.

Online (Zoom) or outdoor formats (socially-distanced) available. 

I find new strength and a new me emerging!

I passionately look forward to my weekly private practice with Robin because I truly feel transformed. The most special attribute of a private session is how Robin works with how your body is feeling that day or specific requests to strengthen certain areas of your body. Her knowledge of the human body, yoga poses that affect specific areas, as well as your level in the practice are all accounted for so you never feel like you can’t do it. In fact, sometimes you surprise yourself. I’m both physically and mentally challenged each session with new found strength and realizing a better part of myself emerging each time. Thanks to Robin, I feel like I can give more of myself to the life surrounding me.

Malaka Ibrahim Thompson



I am Robin Penney, a yogini and a movement geek, passionate about the emotional lessons that come from engaging in the practice of yoga, smart movement, breathing, and intention that ties it all together.

There is no better time in history to get serious about self-care and purposeful living than now, and I hope these tools help you embrace all that you can give to the world. 

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