Yoga + Movement with Robin Penney

An ever-evolving practice of yoga + strength building + mindfulness to live fully in the world.

Yoga + movement coachingSanta Cruz Group Classes


…strength, listening, handstands, daily movement, my kids, ocean waves, coffee, coloring, novels, thoughtful people, making shapes, playing on the mat, camaraderie, support, teaching, learning new things, my cool parents, travel, mountains, trees, driftwood, campfires, my sister, being cozy, mornings, a clean house, orchids, cats, all the places I’ve lived, girlfriends, wineries, evening strolls with my husband, avocados, spinach, chocolate, the brain, creative sequencing, slowing down, balancing, breathing, moving, being…


receive nurturing and playful ways to connect more fully through yoga + movement + breathwork