Private Yoga + Movement Coaching

highly customized 1x1 sessions to support and challenge you

the perfect way to address your specific goals with 1x1 attention and practice design.





Private Student in Tree PoseOngoing Private Studentship (4x/month – $350, 3x/month – $270, 2x/month – $190, 1x/month – $95)

Wanna work one-one-one, outside of a group class environment and with more flexibility in terms of time and space? Private yoga + movement sessions are perfect.

I work with students on a regular weekly basis on individual goals in both body and mind. These sessions are completely customized based on YOU, your body, and what you need to both appropriately challenge and support you.

Great for both those who are brand new to yoga, have injuries they need to work on/around, and seasoned practitioners who want to go deeper into individual practice.

Available as online sessions, or in person (my home studio in Scotts Valley or in your home/office in the Santa Cruz area). Additional travel costs may apply outside Santa Cruz.

Private Student in Tree PoseCalm + Connected Private Session ($100)

This is a purely Self-Care private session. Nurture yourself, work just enough so you can generate energy and burn off anxiety, and then deeply relax!

This private session is perfect for those who want to completely treat themselves well through yoga, breathwork, lots of individual guidance, and connection to spirit.

Essential oils can be added to this session at your request.

Online Private Yoga SessionOnline Private Sessions ($100)

If you’ve worked with me in person, I’d love to guide you in practice online!

A little bit of Q&A, and then we’ll dive into practice. You need a laptop with a webcam and a built-in mic. We use free, simple-to-use technology to make this happen. It’s amazing what we can do over the world wide web!





Trikonasana Triangle Pose #beginnersyogaAlignment Checkin Series (3 sessions – $270)

Got questions about whether you’re doing the poses “correctly”? Learn the bone-stacking approach to yoga postures, plus skillful action so you can build a basic framework for your practice that is intelligent and grounded in breath.

Great for those who are relatively new to yoga so you can refine questions you have about basic & traditional yoga practice, with YOUR body in mind, before you progress into more complex variable movement.

This is a 3-session series with the opportunity to extend, or move into the RECONNECT Yoga + Movement series, below.

Home Yoga Practice SpacePersonal Home Practice Design (3 sessions – $270)

I love a good home yoga practice. And I’d love to help you start or maintain one, if practicing at home is convenient, doable, and attractive for your lifestyle, let’s make it happen!

We’ll work together for 3 private sessions to establish goals, set up a home practice space with props, and develop a framework yoga practice just for you.

And then, you’ll learn the art of following your body’s lead so that you can vary your practice the way you want to. This is good stuff.

Available as online sessions, as well as in person in the Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz area.

Belly Down Shoulder Rotation WorkRECONNECT Yoga + Movement Series (6-month program)

Rehab + prehab injuries, work around pain, and discover ways to vary yoga postures + new movement to gain greater strength and mobility, beyond what you have experienced via traditional yoga postures.

Expect strong work, movement that may not always look like “yoga,” and to challenge your assumptions about yoga postures that may be deeply ingrained.

We’ll also go deep into transpersonal development work to shift negative self-talk, put strategies in place to overcome procrastination and distraction, use meditation and journaling techniques to explore the mental and emotional and spirituals bodies, and strive to achieve a greater sense of embodiment and enjoyment in THIS life.

This is super fun work! And GREAT for your bodymind!

Though this is excellent work for experienced yogis, you do NOT need to have previous yoga experience…beginners are welcome, and this is a great and interesting way to START a yoga + movement + contemplative practice.

” I passionately look forward to my weekly private practice with Robin because I truly feel transformed.

The most special attribute of a private session is how Robin works with how your body is feeling that day or specific requests to strengthen certain areas of your body. Her knowledge of the human body, yoga poses that effect specific areas, as well as your level in the practice are all accounted for so you never feel like you can’t do it. In fact, sometimes you surprise yourself. I’m both physically and mentally challenged each session with new found strength and realizing a better part of myself emerging each time.

Thanks to Robin, I feel like I can give more of myself to the life surrounding me.”

Malaka Thompson


“I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years and have ALWAYS struggled with the pressure put on my wrists in the poses. Many teachers have offered suggestions for keeping wrists healthy in those poses, but not until I started taking Robin’s classes did my body really learn how to do it.

Then I sprung for a private yoga session with Robin – my first ever – and we really got into exactly what MY body needed to work around the carpel tunnel I’ve developed since having my baby. It was the kind of attention I really needed that is just not possible to get in a group class.

Today I went to a group yoga class and had ZERO pain in my wrists for the first time EVER since I’ve been practicing yoga!!

If you are a yogi or yogini in Santa Cruz, I highly recommend doing a private session (or a few, or regularly!) with Robin. It was like physical therapy and a massage and yoga all rolled into one and super personalized just for me. Well worth it.”

Melanie Munir

Coach, Professional Wild Woman

“I have learned that what works for me is practicing alone at home, so the 1-on-1 with Robin was perfect. Robin was so patient with my clumsiness and chattiness. I am excited to practice getting into some of those poses, like Crow, with her extra tips and advice. She helped me identify some of the nuances that I need to pay attention to… and props to help me get there without breaking my nose.

If any of my local friends are looking for some personal Yoga instruction, geared towards your needs, in an easy-going comfortable setting, I highly recommend you contact her. For my non-local friends, you may want to check our her online instruction too. If Robin could get me to love it and focus, then she can help anyone.

Laurie Hartman Aiello

Healthy Lifestyle Coach



Beach Yoga for Private GroupPersonalized Sessions for Groups

Wanna do some yoga + movement with a group of friends or coworkers?

Or perhaps get a group of girlfriends together for some beach yoga?

Maybe you’ve got a family reunion and want a fun and bonding activity.

Or you want to set up a standing weekly lesson for you and some like-minded peeps. Let’s do it.



Where are private sessions held? 

I offer private sessions in my Scotts Valley home, or I can come to you, in the Santa Cruz area. If you’re outside the Santa Cruz area, additional travel fees may apply.

My house is small / messy / chaotic / fill in the blank. Can I still have a practice session in my home? 

Absolutely! You just need room for a mat (yours). Practicing within your own life gives you an opportunity to experience breath and body work in a whole new way that is separate from a yoga studio experience. This can be very powerful. Of course, I’m happy for you to come to my home in Scotts Valley, if you prefer.

Are online private sessions available? 

I do offer limited online private sessions with students I already have worked with in person. You’ll need a laptop with a webcam, a mat, and your own props. More setup instructions are provided to ensure all goes smoothly!

How is a 1x1 session different from a group class?

Well, obviously, it’s just YOU. Which means that you get to:

  • Do whatever you want to do…No compromises to accommodate other students
  • Enjoy a completely customized yoga practice that is built for you on that day
  • Ask as many questions as you want
  • Fit your practice more easily into your schedule and your life

Read this blog post on why private yoga is even more amazing than your favorite yoga class!

Who benefits from private yoga?

1x1 sessions are especially beneficial if you:

  • Have time constraints on your schedule, so need yoga brought to you
  • Want to deepen your practice
  • Feel self-conscious about body, flexibility, or perceived limitations
  • Are new to yoga and need help getting started
  • Have a specific goal or pose you need help with
  • Have a desire for more 1x1 emotional support
  • Are too competitive in a group class and want to have a more internally focused practice
  • Those with injuries or illness
  • Want an outside motivator (ME!!) to help you to commit to your practice.

How long is each private session? 

Each private session is 60-minutes.

How frequently are private sessions scheduled? 

Most private students schedule weekly sessions at a regular day and time so that there is consistency to the practice. However, depending upon my availability, sessions can be spaced out according to your needs.


Need Help Deciding What’s Best for You?

No worries…just send me a quick note and we can sort out what type of session is best for you based on your needs.


receive nurturing and playful ways to connect more fully through yoga + movement + breathwork