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I have regained confidence in movement, confidence in self and with that, the ability to not just regain my former abilities but to move and live comfortably, safely and beyond past limitations!

“After some very difficult years in a challenging career, I was dealing with intense and persistent pain in my neck and Thoracic spine. So began a healing journey that transformed my life. Eating, sleeping, moving and living completely differently, the pain decreased and mobility increased.

Along the way, I connected with amazing healers and was able to avoid prescription medications completely. I found the perfect Chiropractor, the most amazing Acupuncturist, an Integrated MD, and the beautiful practice of Qi Gong. Collectively and with patience and perseverance a new life was created.

After so many years in pain, I found myself better — but something wasn’t quite right. I had lost some of my strength, agility and body confidence and remained guarded about moving my body in ways to rebuild former resiliency and power.

Through a friend of a friend, I found Robin Penney.

Her message immediately resonated with me. I came to understand her deep listening ability and her compassion. Her skill set is vast and very up-to-date and she communicates well. Yet perhaps her most special ability is her strong intuition. She truly hears what is voiced and also what may not be readily known or clearly communicated by her clients. She sensed what was needed with me, at times, before I did. Still, her approach was always gentle and flexible.

With her help, I have regained confidence in movement, confidence in self and with that, the ability to not just regain my former abilities but to move and live comfortably, safely and beyond past limitations. I am so grateful to the lovely healers in my life. Thank you, Robin.”

Denise Allen

Scotts Valley, CA, Qi Gong Instructor + Wellness Coach

 I now have new rituals for healthy habits!

Robin helped me to transform my life by helping me establish rituals for new healthy habits.  She met me exactly where I was at physically and mentally – creating a program that was challenging/appealing and painlessly incorporated into my life.  The one-on-one time was precious and helped me to connect the dots and see my progress. The personalized videos were well thought out and available whenever I needed them. I started this program taking supplements to help with joint pain/health – at the end of her program, I am happy to say that I no longer need those supplements and pain relievers!

Michelle Meszaros-Sjoberg

Santa Cruz, CA, Nurse

Robin helped me move my body with greater freedom after a hip injury!

“From my first class with Robin, I knew she offered something special. There is a thoughtful and accommodating approach she utilizes in her instruction. Every class has a different flavor of exploration that allows me to reconsider assumptions I have about how my body moves, to deepen my awareness of how to listen and nurture the intelligence that my body offers as I move it in new ways, and she makes it playful and fun! Robin’s passion for sharing movement as a tool for healthy living is palpable. She is knowledgeable, engaged, and very attuned to the needs of her students!

When I injured my hip over the summer, Robin was the first person I contacted to ask for guidance to rehabilitate this injury. This is when I got to learn on a deeper level all of the thought and intention she pours in to her instruction. From start to finish in her “More Than Stretching” program, Robin offers a well-designed curriculum that creates new insights in to the body and how to move it with greater freedom. All of this is done with her positive and affirming presence. I recommend Robin as a masterful teacher and coach to anyone who is ready to deepen their awareness of their body and to increase their vitality through movement!”

Joy Pacetti, Santa Cruz, CA

Massage and Cranial-sacral Therapist

I’m now back to hiking all over – and without pain!

I’ve been limited by a hip/low back injury for almost a decade. I hiked about 50 yards uphill in Yosemite before feeling like I was grinding myself toward a hip replacement with every step. After four months in Robin’s program, I hiked all over New Zealand for two weeks with no pain. My husband asked me to thank Robin for giving him back his hiking partner!

Leslie Krzeczowski

Scotts Valley, CA, Engineer

Robin helped me restore my body after multiple injuries!

I’ve had some great yoga teachers in the past 20 years of practice, and although Kundalini is really my Yoga home, Robin is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever experienced. Her class, more than all the bodywork I’ve gotten over the past 2.5 years, gets the greatest credit for helping me heal from the injuries of a horrible car accident I suffered in 2012, injuries that recurred during pregnancy and after a C-section in 2016. Robin has always helped me feel welcome, respected and included.  Her support in giving me–and all of us–adaptations of the harder poses, and permission to attend to our individual bodies, has been amazing! Robin’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience is felt in every minute of her class. Neophyte teachers race through places where they should pause, or get focused on achieving rather than being. Robin has impeccable pacing, every time. Her classes are never repetitive or routine and I really love the variety in her classes.

Magali Morales

Santa Cruz, CA, Shamanic Healer and Astrologer

Every session was tailored to my body and my life!

I look forward to our session week after week because I feel so much better afterward. I love how Robin has the ability to listen and tailor every session according to what is going on with my life and to the aches and pains I feel at the moment. I love her soft, assertive voice and her guidance through the different poses! English is my third language which makes it harder to stay in the flow, but with Robin it has been possible because she is patient, kind, and super professional. Love my morning home yoga!!

Laila Munif

Saratoga CA, Stay-at-Home Mom

Robin’s work helped me enjoy yoga again – pain free!

I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years and have ALWAYS struggled with the pressure put on my wrists in the poses. Many teachers have offered suggestions for keeping wrists healthy in those poses, but not until I started taking Robin’s classes did my body really learn how to do it. Then I sprung for a private yoga session with Robin – my first ever – and we really got into exactly what MY body needed to work around the carpal tunnel I’ve developed since having my baby. It was the kind of attention I really needed that is just not possible to get in a group class. Today I went to a group yoga class and had ZERO pain in my wrists for the first time EVER since I’ve been practicing yoga!! I highly recommend doing a private session (or a few, or regularly!) with Robin. It was like physical therapy and a massage and yoga all rolled into one and super personalized just for me. Well worth it.

Melanie Munir

Santa Cruz CA, Business Coach and Founder of Mama Knows Business

I find new strength and a new me emerging!

I passionately look forward to my weekly private practice with Robin because I truly feel transformed. The most special attribute of a private session is how Robin works with how your body is feeling that day or specific requests to strengthen certain areas of your body. Her knowledge of the human body, yoga poses that affect specific areas, as well as your level in the practice are all accounted for so you never feel like you can’t do it. In fact, sometimes you surprise yourself. I’m both physically and mentally challenged each session with new found strength and realizing a better part of myself emerging each time. Thanks to Robin, I feel like I can give more of myself to the life surrounding me.

Malaka Ibrahim Thompson

Scotts Valley, CA, Realtor

Robin helped me recognize what I was capable of.

Robin is intuitive and sensitive. Not only does she notice what I need physically during my practice, but she also connects on an emotional level with what I long for personally. Thank you, Robin, for entering my life and for helping me to recognize what I can truly be capable of. Cheers!

Mo Taylor

Trinidad, CA, Teacher

Robin really listens and guides me to move without pain in an easy-going setting.

I have spent the last couple of months in private practice with Robin. She is amazing!!!! Very attentive to my needs and guides me, as far as, my body will take me. Asking it to go as far as it can without pain. She really listens and is so knowledgeable. If your looking for personal Yoga instruction, geared towards your needs, in an easy-going comfortable setting, I highly recommend you contact her.

TJ Hull

Scotts Valley, CA, Receptionist at Weight Watchers Reimagined

Robin helped me work around a shoulder injury and gave me a tool kit for the future.

I enjoyed our private sessions and got a lot of them! I appreciated that Robin listened to me about my shoulder problem and helped me adjust my practice accordingly. She was professional and easy to work with and I feel I have a tool kit to go to.

Sarina King

Ben Lomond, CEO of Evolve Teams

If Robin could get me to love it and focus, then she can help anyone.

As many of my friends know, I appreciate what yoga does for the body but, I don’t do well in classes and easily get bored or distracted. No judgment… just the way I am. I have learned that what works for me is practicing alone at home, so the private sessions 1×1 were perfect. Robin was so patient with my clumsiness and chattiness. I am excited to practice with her extra tips and advice. She helped me identify some of the nuances that I need to pay attention to… and props to help me get there without breaking anything. If you’re looking for some personal yoga instruction, geared towards your needs, in an easy-going comfortable setting, I highly recommend you give her a call.  

Laurie Hartman Aiello

Scotts Valley, CA, Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Robin’s teaching style is both infectious and contagious.

I love her slow, soft, & gentle voice. Robin has a playful, yet very specific way of teaching. She’s quite thorough and provides great detail. I enjoy practicing with her tremendously! 

Sylvia Howse

Clarenville, NL, Canada, Retired

Robin helps me slow down a little without sacrificing breath and the strength and flexibility of the flow.

I love how each practice she teaches has been different; she offers a variety of poses, which is great, seeing how a lot of teachers will teach the same flow time and time again. Most of the other classes I go to are more of a power flow vinyasa, so the pace of Robin’s class is a gentle reminder for me to take a step down from time to time. My husband, Alex, enjoyed her class as he has not been to yoga in a really long time and he felt it was a good pace for beginners, again without sacrificing the strength of the practice.

Kristen Cloer

Santa Cruz, CA, Nurse

I’m motivated each time I get on the mat to practice with Robin.

I love practicing and learning with Robin. Robin brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every practice which influences and motivates me every time I step on my mat. Lots of love and respect for Robin, a great teacher and a beautiful person to share all things yoga with.

Heather Stamp Nunes

St. John's, NL, Canada, Executive Coach at Leadership Matters

I’ve become more aware of my posture in yoga, and how small adjustments and strength builders can make a big difference over time.

Robin teaches with very thoughtful verbal cues, which allows her to weave amongst students to help with alignment, placement and modifications for each pose.  This is a perfect fit for small group lessons. The small group classes allow for the joy and camaraderie of practicing yoga with a community and the individual touches of a one-on-one session.  Robin’s keen sense for alignment has helped me become more aware of my posture in asana poses.  It’s amazing how different a pose can feel with the smallest adjustment or flex of a muscle. Robin has also been challenging us with new poses and strength builders to get us there.  I think half of the group can now hold crow pose. Robin’s group lesson is the perfect end to the work week!

Melissa Monk

Scotts Valley, CA, Research Mathematical Statistician at NOAA

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