Practicing movement and breathing can change your whole outlook for the better.

Outdoor classes on my deck in Santa Cruz, California are a wonderful way to enjoy your body, your breath, and your practice in the great outdoors.




I offer three weekly open group yoga + movement + breathwork classes on my outdoor deck in Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley, California.

Practicing outside is amazing, and the deck is shaded with some epic California live oak trees. Feel the air on your skin (layer up for cooler weather…and consider a hat/sunglasses for those hot days), enjoy the vista of the sky through the tree branches, and take in the sounds of nature around you. It’s glorious. Plus, it’s pretty nice to be in the company of others and to be in the support of commUNITY.



{Lunch Flow} Yoga on the Deck

(60 min)



Sunset Yoga on the Deck

(60 min)


8:30 AM PST

{Vinyasa Flow} Yoga on the Deck

(60 min)

Stretching out hips and heart

Can accommodate up to 12 students

Lots of breathwork

Come prepared to breathe, move, and listen to the intelligence of your own body!

If you’re just beginning your yoga journey, you have an injury that you are working with, or you have specific questions/goals that would be better addressed outside the group class environment, please read about my approach to yoga and movement here.

In group classes, I’m careful to offer options for all levels and abilities.

I teach a mix of vinyasa flow (moving between poses using the rhythm of the breath) and pose breakdowns/variations/strength builders.

Unique ideas for using props like blocks, straps, blankets, and sometimes the wall to support (or to challenge, hehe) what we are working on in that particular class is something that I’m kind of geeky about.

I often teach using a “ladder flow” structure so that you can learn a sequence of poses and then repeat variations on that flow to practice it and find further refinement as the class progresses.

I will offer detailed action-based cues that encourage a balance of flexibility and stability in the body – take as much of it in as you can and leave the rest.

The energetic practice is largely one of paying attention, developing awareness, opening up to greater energy outside the self and being HERE in your body/mind so you can connect more fully to community and family off the mat.

Most classes will feature a mix of centering/breathwork, sun salutations, standing postures, balancing poses, backbends, inversions, seated postures, twists, and a final relaxation.

If you’re new to the art of varying yoga postures to fit your own body and level of movement awareness, working with me privately can help you prepare for group classes, so you can find pose variations that fit your body and support your practice more fully.

Classes are held outdoors in person on my practice deck in Santa Cruz, California. We follow all the safety guidelines for COVID-19.

If you have your own outdoor area you’d like to use for a group class, we can also consider that. 

Robin helps me slow down a little without sacrificing breath and the strength and flexibility of the flow.

I love how each practice she teaches has been different; she offers a variety of poses, which is great, seeing how a lot of teachers will teach the same flow time and time again. Most of the other classes I go to are more of a power flow vinyasa, so the pace of Robin’s class is a gentle reminder for me to take a step down from time to time. My husband, Alex, enjoyed her class as he has not been to yoga in a really long time and he felt it was a good pace for beginners, again without sacrificing the strength of the practice.

Kristen Cloer

Santa Cruz, CA, Nurse

Robin helped me heal from multiple injuries!

I’ve had some great yoga teachers in the past 20 years of practice, and although Kundalini is really my Yoga home, Robin is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever experienced. Her class, more than all the bodywork I’ve gotten over the past 2.5 years, gets the greatest credit for helping me heal from the injuries of a horrible car accident I suffered in 2012, injuries that recurred during pregnancy and after a C-section in 2016. Robin has always helped me feel welcome, respected and included.  Her support in giving me–and all of us–adaptations of the harder poses, and permission to attend to our individual bodies, has been amazing! Robin’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience is felt in every minute of her class. Neophyte teachers race through places where they should pause, or get focused on achieving rather than being. Robin has impeccable pacing, every time. Her classes are never repetitive or routine and I really love the variety in her classes.

Magali Morales

Santa Cruz, CA, Shamanic Healer and Astrologer

Robin’s classes always feel like one looooooong, lovely, exhale.

What sets Robin apart is her commitment to form. In 10+ years of practice, I’ve never met another instructor who could break down a pose as thoroughly and effectively. She brings the same methodical approach to every pose, from downward-facing dog to astavakrasana. She gives useful cues to engage the right muscles and prevent injury. She makes the impossible possible! My strength and flexibility improved in leaps and bounds once we began working together. Challenge poses that had always seemed far out of reach became a regular part of my practice.

Robin has tremendous skill and knowledge. It’s so clear that she puts a great deal of time and effort into preparing her classes and that speaks to the care and respect she has for her students. Her manner is soothing and calm; her classes always feel like one loooooong, lovely, exhale. She is the ideal instructor for yogis of all levels. If you’re unrolling your mat for the first time in Robin’s class, you are so lucky! You will literally begin your yoga journey on the right foot.

Sharon Bala

St. John's, NL, Canada, Author