Next date to be determined. Watch a recorded version of this talk here

From Chronic Pain to Moving Freely Again: How to Stop Falling Apart in Your 40s So You Can Keep Earning, Stay Active, and Have Fun
{a Mini-Retreat + Free Inspiring Talk}
Next Date to be determined. Watch a recorded version of this talk here

Enjoy a cozy evening in your own home and connect with fellow 40+ women in a casual, relaxing, intimate setting…over Zoom (since we can’t meet in person these days, we’ll meet virtually over the internet). Plus, I’ll help you to:

  • Discover new ways to understand the pain messages from your body and why the approaches you’ve tried may not be working
  • Learn how to turn the switch for pain in your brain to the OFF position with a gentle, proactive, and challenging-at-just-the-right level movement approach that strengthens your 40+ body and mind
  • Leave with tools to make your movement/yoga practice fit into your busy life AND to make it simple, enjoyable, and pleasurable (so you’ll actually do it!)

Space is limited. Registration is required to attend.

I loved everything about the Mini-Retreat with Robin. When I arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end, I learned helpful tools that I can better engage my body with through movement. Robin’s organized delivery and presentation of concepts were excellent.  The conversation and engagement with other mamas was awesome.  I’ve told a few friends about it already!  The wine and cheese were a treat too. It was a lovely evening! Thank you Robin!!

Malaka Thompson

Realtor, 360 Realty

I enjoyed the Mini-Retreat, and it was informative and helpful. The movement throughout the talk was nice and drove certain points home.  Overall, Robin does a great job of breaking down the concepts and getting women engaged. The snacks and wine were a nice touch! I’m honored to be a part of Robin’s tribe!

Sarina King

CEO, Evolve Teams

8 Years of Inspiring Women to Move and Breathe Their Way

to Pain-Free Living

I’m a yoga teacher turned pain-free movement coach for women over 40.

I show my clients how to get LIFE done, stay active and keep earning in the midst of chronic joint and muscle pain. 

I bridge the gap between a deeply transformational yoga practice with science insights to help solve the problems of chronic muscle tightness and joint pain, for good. 

As a former software designer turned mom-preneur, I specialize in teaching other women with real, busy lives how to reverse aches and pain, in little blocks of time and without tying yourself into a pretzel. 

I’ve created the More Than Stretching Method for women who like yoga class, but found limitations and need something more to work for them now, and in their future.  

When you choose me, you get a unique blend of solutions: a yoga teacher who understands the pain relieving benefits of mindfulness and breathwork + an expert in habit change to see results + a therapeutics and functional movement geek in chronic pain + a mom and wife who brings a balanced, playful and sweet approach to making changes in how you move and feel.

Speaking Topics

The following talks work best and create the biggest impact in the following order:

(1) From Chronic Pain to Moving Freely Again: How to Stop Falling Apart in Your 40s so You Can Keep Earning, Stay Active, and Have Fun (watch a pre-recorded version of this talk here)

This is the foundational class that explains how pain REALLY works in your body and how to get around it so you can start feeling better.

2) Kitchen Yoga: How to Use a 10-Minute Movement Approach to Fuel Your Body

This class goes deep into how to create big shifts in your body for long-term strength and balance using mini practices and smart routines that work for moms with busy businesses!

Once your chronic pain is under control and you know how to work with YOUR body more intelligently, it’s time to build upon that strength using functional skills that are fun AND will keep fueling your body. 

3) Strong Moms, Strong Futures: A Progressive and Accessible Approach to Foundational Exercises Like Push-ups, Pull-ups, and Pistol Squats That Serve Your Body in Real Life

This class will inspire you to explore the WHY and HOW of mastering the basics and BEYOND of 3 foundational and functional movements that help support optimal health of your body, and how they can fit into an enjoyable yoga class: the push up, the pull up, and the pistol squat.

Speaking Experience

  • Speaking to small, intimate Q&A groups and interviews (15 attendees)
  • Designed and led programs as a yoga teacher (in-person classes, workshops, international retreats, yoga teacher trainings, online courses, webinars and more)
  • Speaking since 2011
  • Speaking formats include seminars, trainings, ladies night in, living room circles, lunch and learns, tele-classes, webinars

Speaking Focus

  • Inspiring established female business owners to take care of their #1 asset: their body!
  • Designing a rejuvenating movement practice that resolves your immediate pain challenges AND fuels your future to help you stay active and allows you to keep earning.
  • Creating strategies that fits you, your family demands, motivational style, lifestyle preferences and more.

Speaking Style

  • I’m interactive, playful, and approachable.
  • I enjoy sharing my personal, often humbling experiences in healing my chronic pain by learning to do yoga differently and learning about functional movement best practices.
  • I share complex information in an accessible way that’s immediately actionable.

Speaking Audience

  • Mom groups
  • Book clubs
  • Fitness centers
  • Networking groups
  • Wellness spaces

Contact me today to discuss booking me for a virtual speaking engagement for your group.


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