Welcome to the 3-Part Backbend Series with Robin Penney

A series designed to help you find more stability and freedom in your backbends!


3-Part Backbend Series

I’m super excited you’re joining me on this 3-part series to learning more and feeling better in backbends! 

Over the next week or so, you’ll receive a series of emails in your inbox…one immediately – yay! –  and then the next will follow every 3 days. Each email will give you a link to the next practice video in the series, along with some info to get you started.

This series does assume that you have a little bit of yoga under your belt already. If you are brand new to yoga, I suggest you visit my online class library where you can go through the FREE Beginner’s Foundations of Flow series to get going.

That’s about it! Grab your mat, and I’ll see you for the first Backbend practice!!



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