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What if you could fit a challenging, inspiring, and do-able home practice into your daily life?

If you’ve been struggling to make it to your yoga mat on a regular basis, you’re not alone. The most dedicated yogis (and even yoga teachers!) find themselves stretched thin from running around with family and work demands, instead of stretched out in body and mind. Sound familiar?

But the truth is – you don’t have to spend hours on your mat in a luxurious yoga studio to get connected, focused, and relaxed (though that is REALLY nice!!). You can find the time and space to develop a home practice that feeds your body, mind, and soul, supplemented by private lessons and/or  studio yoga classes {and maybe the occasional yummy yoga retreat to go super deep}.

It all starts when you give yourself the gift of brief, but oh-so-meaningful and effective yoga practices you can do at home in your own space, with real life going on around you. Conquer small bite-sized pieces of challenging poses, get into the flow of your breath, and build your practice, the way YOU want it.

Welcome to my online studio, where I share the practice of yoga through pose breakdowns within a vinyasa flow, and find inspiration on and off the mat. Make your life what you want through a nurturing, playful, connected home practice, just for you.

A Meaningful Home-Based Practice

Do you love the experience of a studio class in the company of other practitioners and a skilled teacher? Do you also dream of having a well-developed home-based yoga practice where you can do what you want, when you want to, and work toward your individual goals?

I believe you need BOTH the studio and home approach to develop a solid contemplative and physical practice that will help you be your best self.

Learning and practicing at home is easier than ever.

My approach to online practice is to teach functional movement within the framework of a flow-based vinyasa practice that moves with the breath.

Need variations for a pose that work for YOUR body? Wanna work on getting up and down off the floor with ease? Need to develop strength so can trust your body’s intelligence so you can move pain-free (hint: low-back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain…I’ve seen it all and there are ways to find movement that will support you)? Interested in breathwork and restorative yoga but don’t know where to start? Intrigued by that fun arm balance or inversion, but need some building blocks to help unlock the next step for you in your journey?

All of this is woven into the flow, so you build the experience of dynamic energy while expanding your knowledge and skill.

And why are we doing this anyway…what’s the point? I’ll help you connect the dots in the modern yoga practice back into mythology and tradition, while also exploring modern technologies, books, and innovation so the practice has practical and meaningful applications. I’m geeky like that.

In-person yoga classes build upon what you do at home, so please join me on the mat!!

You can find me in Santa Cruz, California for weekly public classes and for private sessions (in which I specialize).

Retreats in beautiful locations (Cuba, Santorini, Costa Rica, and Spain) are the ultimate opportunity to go deep. I’m thrilled to be co-hosting most of my retreats with Melanie Caines of Nova Yoga.

Join me on the mat in person, and check out my online course listed above. My online offerings are growing and changing all the time! You’ll find peak-pose classes, ladder flow sequences, and more. Start with my complimentary Foundations of Flow series to find your ground and breath.

Let’s move the energy and connect to our deepest selves with dedication and love.



Love practicing and learning with Robin. Robin brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every practice which influences and motivates me every time I step on my mat. Lots of love and respect for Robin, a great teacher and a beautiful person to share all things yoga with.
Heather Stamp Nunes

Online Streaming Classes

Join me for online classes!

  • Monthly memberships for less than the cost of a typical drop-in class
  • All levels
  • Advance your practice with specialty courses
  • Gift certificates available


Foundations of Flow 4-Lesson Series

Low Lunge #beginnersyogaTrikonasana Triangle Pose #beginnersyogaBoat Pose or Navasana #beginnersyogaWanna start or refine your yoga practice? This series starts from the ground up to help you explore the foundations of the elemental poses in the Vinyasa Flow yoga style with an emphasis on mindfulness, breath, functional movement, and the art of customizing the postures to fit your body and range of motion.
I was feeling very stressed after a long day at work, and feel significantly more relaxed and in my body after the practice! Thank you!
Alexa Stratiotis


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