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Robin’s yoga teaching is guided by breathwork and a slow-flow vinyasa style, informed by lots of modern exercise science and biomechanics so you can build strength, mobility, and flexibility while staying connected to a very peaceful and relaxing experience! Robin’s classes incorporate variations on traditional yoga postures so they emphasize YOUR range of motion, building strength through “progressive loading,” and fun things like practicing getting up and down off the floor in a variety of ways! Robin is a yoga teacher certified at the highest level, and loves helping reconnect students to themselves and to the world more fully through movement and breath!

During Shelter-in-Place, my in-person group classes at Luma Yoga and La Madrona have been suspended until further notice. BUT, you have options to practice at home: 

* Take class for FREE via Luma Yoga’s live-streaming service (you can also access recorded classes at a later date). Go here to get started.

* For as little as $10/month, you can have access to all of Robin’s recorded live-streamed classes, plus other videos and online programs as they are released on Robin’s Patreon class library. The Patreon Class Library includes class descriptions and tags so you can search for what you’re looking for. Classes are also organized below, so you can easily get to what you’re looking for. Help support Robin’s work as a small business owner by becoming a patron today!


Shoulder + Upper Body Practices

Pushing and Pulling Yoga Practice

Shoulder Awarenss + Connect/Steady/Calm

50 min

This is the very FIRST live-streamed class I taught at Luma Yoga. Enjoy connecting to yourself, finding steadiness through your body, and calming your mind through the movement of the breath. This class includes a lot of shoulder awareness in all directions, including pushing and pulling, rotating internally and externally, and feeling the shoulders rotate and move when you reach your arms up over your head. We enjoy an exploration of a Side Plank variation with an optional lift of top leg and/or quad stretch, and also some Lunge work with added shoulder work. Stay calm and keep practicing, everyone!

Shoulder Yoga Practice

Connect to the Power of Calm 

50 min

You have the power to choose CALM and manage your mindset for greater balance, and this practice encourages you to cultivate this sense of calm. We start by activating the core to tap into your power, and then we move the major joints of the body, especially the wrists and shoulders. Further shoulder work is incorporated into a standing flow to help you release tension and build strength. Moments of challenge give you time to re-anchor into calm through your breathing. Side plank and Wild Thing give us a chance to explore and play. A blanket and 2 blocks are optional for this practice. Enjoy!

Shoulder Strength and Stretch Yoga

Shoulder Strengthening #1 + Letting Go of Overefforting

50 min

Yoga is about balancing effort and ease, just like life. In this class, we start with a restorative Supported Fish to open the chest and relax the shoulders, and then we move into some excellent strengthening work for the shoulders. Once we move through the effortful section, we flow and breathe, looking for ease in the postures. We end with Gomukhasana (Cow Faced Pose), a seated hip opener and shoulder stretch, and then Bridge, a Reclined Twist, and of course, Savasana. A bolster or pillow, a blanket or towel, and 2 blocks will be helpful for this practice. Enjoy!

Shoulder Strengthening #2 + This Present Moment

50 min

Times like these, when things change so quickly remind us that all we REALLY have is the present moment. Get anchored into our body and breath with Alternate Nostril Breathing, and then we start a present-moment awareness of the shoulders, building upon the Shoulder Strengthening #1 practice. In this class, we practice pulling strength as well as pushing strength (pulling is less common in yoga), and we also explore the various ways the shoulders can move (forward, backward, up, down, around). Feel the back body as well as the front body, the top and the bottom, and the right and left sides continually through this flow, and use this experience to get MORE anchored into presence and awareness. 2 blocks and a blanket are needed for this practice.

Lower Body Practices

Outer Hips and Legs Yoga Practice

Shift, Pivot, + Breathe

50 min

With our “new normal” changing daily as we deal with the impacts of Covid-19, this practice has as its intention to recognize the shifts we do in life and in our practice, to experiment with pivoting in new directions, and to stay connected to a steady, calm BREATH in the midst of it all. We start with a seated Eagle Arm twist and side bend sequence, and then move into a standing flow focused on the legs in strong Lunges and Warrior poses, and we play with a balance skill builder to strengthen the outer hips and ankles in the middle of it all. We end with hip and hamstring stretches, and a deep rest. 2 blocks and a strap will be helpful for this practice. Enjoy!

Hamstring Strengthening #1 + Pause and Suspend the Breath

50 min

This practice focuses on two things: (1) Hamstring strengthening so that we have strength as well as stretchiness in the backs of the legs, and (2) Feeling the pause between the inhale and the exhale. After we move through some reclined hamstring work, we move to a standing flow that works with suspending the breath for brief moments, along with some feel-good movement for the legs and hips. 2 light blocks (foam is preferable but optional) and a strap are helpful for this practice. 

hamstring strength in yoga

Hamstring Strengthening #2 + Play with Curiosity

50 min

This class complements the work in “Hamstring Strengthening #1” and incorporates some active stretching work (as opposed to passive stretching) in isometric holds to strengthen the hamstrings, and also the hip flexors.  We start with a Reclined Sun Salutation flow and then move through a flow that includes a fun toe stretch + Downdog Split, a Lunge with a hamstring curl, Warrior 3 with a hamstring curl, Warrior 2, and Half Moon with, guess what, a hamstring curl! You’ll also get up and down with no hands (a fun and important skill to practice!) I invite you to PLAY in this practice with an attitude of curiosity to see what YOUR body and mind can do as you get stronger and build capacity. 2 blocks and a blanket will be helpful. Enjoy!

Full Body Flows

Eagle Play Yoga Practice

Anchor the Front Ribs Down + Eagle Play

80 min

This Inner Fire Flow class was Live-Streamed at Luma Yoga. This class includes an emphasis on anchoring the front ribs down to encourage a sense of power in the center of the body, along with a lift of the heart. We do lots of hip work and balance play in various forms of Eagle Pose (Garudasana), squatting and arm balancing in Crow, a Lunge Flow, and end with Bridge Pose, some hamstring and hip stretching, and a relaxing rest in Savasana to integrate our practice. Enjoy! 

Settle Nervous System Yoga Practice

Settle the Nervous System

68 min

Use this practice to move into the parasympathetic nervous system (“PNS”) so you can restore your body and mind, replenish energy, and cultivate mindful presence.  We start with a restorative posture to relax the Psoas muscle, then move into a slow-flow practice with lots of grounding, breath-initiated movement, and asymmetrical play. Use this practice whenever you need a little self-care. A couple of blankets or towels will be helpful, as will 2 blocks. A pillow or bolster is also recommended. Soak up this practice! 

{Note: The video portion of this class froze at about 35 minutes in, but please follow along with  the audio for the rest of the practice. It’s all quite clear, so be with your own practice and enjoy!}

fun yoga flow

Feel Good Flow

80 min

The ask of this class is for you to FEEL GOOD. To use your external senses, your proprioception (where you are in time + space) and your interoception (your sense of the internal landscape of your body) to give you body what it needs. This ladder flow moves through a repeating pattern including Thread the Needle, lots of Child’s Poses, versions of Side Plank, Buddha (1/2 Chair with a Pigeon Leg), various gentle backbends, a fun version of Half Camel and much more. This flow sequence has challenging moments, but LOTS of moments to catch your breath and just BE. We end with Dolphin, Supported Bridge, Reclined Gomukasana, and a Reclined Twist. Enjoy!

Grateful for the connection!

“Great class! So good to feel connected to a community during this isolating time.”

Mia Teese, Santa Cruz, CA

Flight Attendant + Luma Student

Practicing from home is wonderful and sweet!

“That was GREAT! Thanks! My wife Joan and I did the online class – really cool – so did our doggie! She got in the way a few times – but worth it! Very sweet. Besides the yoga, I just always appreciate what you have to say…positive attitude and very thoughtful. I appreciate YOU! Thanks again!”

Michael Howe, Santa Cruz, CA

SC Library Planning Accountant + Luma Student

Robin’s verbal instruction is excllent and allows me to focus inward.

“That was a great class! Even when I’m in a class with you in person, I usually have my eyes closed  and I’m focused inward and following your excellent, clear vocal instruction. Thank you!”

Kathryn Gestri, Santa Cruz, CA

Technical Writer + Luma Student

For $10/month, you can have access to all of Robin’s recorded live-streamed classes, plus other videos and online programs as they are released on Robin’s Patreon class library. Help support Robin’s work as a small business owner by becoming a patron today!


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