Day 1: Choose a “Good Enough” Location for Your Mat

home yoga practice guide

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5-Day Build a SOLID Home Practice Challenge

Hosted by Robin Penney

Today, we are going to select a “good enough” and perfect-for-your space in your home for your yoga + movement practice using a simple list of just 5 criteria to check off! 

Watch today’s micro-training video, and check off your action items in the Day 1 Worksheet, and you’ll be one step closer to building a SOLID Home Practice that will fuel your body and your mind, helping you feel strong, calm, and connected! 

Since we always get inspiration from others (and to pass on your great ideas too!), go ahead and share a picture of where you decided your mat will live in your home in this thread on the Facebook group. [insert link]

Have fun rolling out your mat!

home yoga practice guide

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I am Robin Penney, ERYT-500 yoga teacher and movement geek, and I help women who are 40+ get stronger, calmer, and more connected through the practice of yoga + movement that is nourishing, playful, approachable, and challenging at just the right level.

There is no better time in history to get serious about self-care and purposeful living than now, and I hope these tools help you embrace all that you can give to the world.