60 min

Get connected to the “core” of your body, AND your life with this first class in a strengthening series focused on the dynamic support system located in the middle of your body. When the whole inner unit of the torso is strong and integrated, all of your movements can feel better and more confident as you move through life. This class starts with a mini Savasana (yay!) so you can connect to your inner landscape, and then moves onto some reclined core work and a Segmented Cat/Cow. You’ll also practice Side Plank variations held for about 30 seconds, and lots of core-activated standing poses, like Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Extended Side Angle, and Triangle Pose. You’ll leave this class feeling illuminated, energized, and relaxed. 2 blocks, a bolster/pillow and/or a wall are recommended. Enjoy!

Core Activation Bicycle Var

60 min

Enjoy this subtle and gentle (yet powerful) core-awakening practice that you can use when you feel like a challenge, OR when you feel a little blah. 🙂 This is the 2nd class in the Core-Strengthening Series, and I’ll introduce you to a few moves to isolate and invigorate the center of the body, including a Deep Core Psoas activation sequence (my students know this as the “sticky foot exercise”), Bird Dog variations on All 4s, and a Hand-to-Thigh Press that is sure to show you where the midline of your physical space is at! We’ll also flow through a simple sequence, including a Lunge Twist, Reverse Triangle, Extended Side Angle, and a Wide-Legged Forward Fold. You’ll want 1 block for this practice. Enjoy!

60 min

Enjoy the integration and strength you’ll feel turn on in the center of your body as you work with some key concepts in this class: the “Double Exhale” to get more of the deep core muscles to participate, and keeping the curves of the spine neutral as you move. Having limitations actually makes us humans MORE creative, so adding the “constraint” of keeping your spine neutral as you breathe fully is a great way to explore how you feel and what your body can do without dumping into the low back or falling into other habitual movement patterns. This class includes plenty of “core work,” lots of active twisting, getting up and down with no hands, a Lunge Flow, and an invitation to notice how your body-mind reacts when various limitations are placed upon you. Enjoy!

Hand to Thigh with Leg Extension

60 min

Mindfulness is a wonderful skill to practice in order to lower stress, increase focus, and to coax ourselves into awareness of the present moment. This class uses the anchor of the breath to practice this skill both in stillness and in movement. We focus on some wonderfully powerful core-strengthening movements that build upon class #2 in the Core-Strengthening Series, including Tiny Marches, a hovering version of Bird Dog, and a Reclined Hand-to-Thigh Press that will get the fire in the core going! Our ladder flow builds into Lunge with Cactus Arms, Warrior 3 with Eagle Arms, and Eagle. Two blocks will be helpful as arm extenders. Enjoy!

Core Engaged Low Lunge

60 min

Use this practice to set technology (your phone, emails, texts, the news) aside for a little while, unplug, and reset the technology of your body and your mind. We use extensions of the Core work done in classes #1 and #3 in this series to further strengthen the dynamic support system and find that 3-dimensional breath. Enjoy active twisting in this practice, and start to make the connection of how the front line of the body participates in shapes where the spine is rounded while the back body activates to support backbending. We need all this good movement to replenish our vital energy! You’ll need a strap for this practice. Enjoy

Ardha Uttanasana with Arms Overhead

50 min

Use this deep and subtle movement practice to connect you to a sense of core illumination and feeling of being incredibly well supported as you move your arms and legs around in space. We start slowly and build intensity and heat in this practice, as we add on more challenging variations of Tiny Marching, Hollow Core Roll Ups, and a wonderful Hand-to-Thigh Press with an opposite leg extension. Our flow includes a Lunge Twist, Reverse Triangle, and Extended Side Angle. Enjoy!

60 min

Build upon your knowledge of an integrated inner unit (“the core”) in this class as we play with some new moves, including a Core Roll Down using a block between the thighs to squeeze, a wonderful Twisted-Knee Hover (Jathara Parivarttonasana), a Contralateral Crawl, and a Marching Plank. Throughout, I’ll invite you to engage in the practice of Ahimsa, or “non-harming,” which invites you to offer compassion to yourself and to others in actions that do not harm, either on the physical or emotional level. Enjoy!

42 min

Build the fire of “tapas,” or discipline and commitment to regular practice with this core-centered sequence. We focus on spinal segmentation and being disciplined to KEEP the focus and awareness where we want it. This group of core-strengthening moves will strengthen the whole center of your body, and will also prepare you for some elements of Crow Pose or Bakasana. We start with Breath of Fire (Kapala Bhakti) and then work with a Seated Curl Down, Dandasana Pickups, some versions of Navasana (Boat Pose), a Reclined Crow Pose, Rabbit, and a prep for Uttanasana Press-ups. Our flow includes a Crossed Core Plank and Side Plank/Wild Thing. You’ll need 2 blocks for this practice. Enjoy!

47 min

In this class, we work on several things: a long spine, full breathing, evenly balanced effort in the body, and a clear mind. These are all qualities that can come from having a “core” that supports us well in movement! This class adds onto movements we learned in Class #7, with just some added challenges/progressions as you are ready. 2 blocks will be helpful. Enjoy!

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