{Free Practice} Hip Strengthening #1 + Foundations of Practice

60 min

The first in a series of practices to help you get to know your hips better, this class invites you to settle into the foundations of practice. Simple, but advanced, use the senses to arrive in the present moment, notice the feeling of breathing, and find the muscles and bones of the body in the interior spaces of YOU. For this first hip practice, we explore moves such as Hip CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations for mobility), Toe to Knee Rocks into a Squat or into Chair, some static and dynamic balancing in Tree and in a move called Rock the Clock, and lots more. We’ll also enjoy classic yoga poses like Warrior 1 and 2, Pigeon, Triangle, and Supported Bridge. You can look forward to adding onto this practice to repeat and refine, plus add some challenges in the 3rd practice in this series. Your hips will thank you! You’ll need 2 blocks for this practice. Enjoy!

Hip Strengthening #2 + Let Tension Pour Off

60 min

This hip class focuses on exploring the full range of motion in the hip through some feel-good flows that build upon each other and repeat throughout the class. We’ll explore internal and external rotation especially, and as you move, see if you feel sensations of letting tension and stress pour off your body as you stretch and explore. Includes Pyramid Pose, Revolved Triangle, some IT Band Love, a Squat Mobility Sequence, and more. I think we stand up TWICE in this practice, so it’s all pretty low to the ground. You’ll need 2 blocks and a stool or chair. A blanket may also be helpful. Enjoy!

Hip Strengthening #3 + Helping the Body to Cooperate

60 min

We revisit some movements from the 1st hip-strengthening practice in this class, which further refines how we can “decouple” (break apart) the movements in the hips from those of the spine. When we make each piece stronger and smarter, the whole body can cooperate better to get the tasks of life done, so that is the intention of this practice. Includes ankle stretching and strengthening, standing hip CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations), Tree Pose, Toe-to-Squat Rockers, a nourishing flow that focuses on harnessing the strength and power of the pelvis to support the spine, a fun balance challenge called Rock the Clock, and more. You’ll need a strap and 2 blocks for this practice.

Knee Down Extended Side Angle

Hip Strengthening #4 + Move in ALL the Ways

60 min

I just LOVE the little flow we work with in this practice, and I hope you do too! This class repeats many elements from Hip Strengthening #2, and has the intention to help you move in ALL the ways, not just in the habitual patterns that can create blindspots and structural imbalances in the body and the mind. We play with a Pinwheel Sit, Music Box Rotations, a Squat Mobility Sequence, Active Frog Pose, Side-lying Clamshells, Extended Side Angle, Pyramid, and Half Moon. This is a sequence you can come back to over and over again when you want to flow but also develop some strength in some new ways in which your hips can move.

Hip Strengthening #5 + Refined Mindfulness

60 min

In this class, I invite you to bring a “beginner’s mind” to your practice so that you can experience poses in new ways, and also to really refine movements you’ve done before with a higher degree of awareness. Both of these approaches to practice can help us develop the important skill of refined mindfulness on the mat, and in life. The 5th class in the hip-strengthening series, we’re building onto movements we’ve done in classes #1 and #3, including Hip CARs, a transition from kneeling into a squat, the Rock the Clock balance challenge and more. We also put a lot of focus on the ankles, since the foundation of the feet matter so much to what’s above, all the way to the crown of your head! And we explore the question of “SHOULD” your knee always be over your ankle in Warrior 2??” You’ll need 2 blocks for this practice. Enjoy!

Pinwheel 90-90 Sit

Hip Strengthening #6 + Move Outside the Box

60 min

We start with the Box Breath, and then this practice encourages you to think outside the box with your movement! We play with a flow we’ve practiced in the 2nd and 4th class in this hip-strengthening series, and there are lots of opportunities to explore variations in angles, positions, and modifications of “traditional” yoga poses. Includes Active Frog Pose, a Squat Mobility Sequence, and a Pinwheel Sit. 2 Blocks with be helpful for this practice. Enjoy!

Hip Strengthening #7 + Proprioception & Interoception

60 min

In this class, we start a whole new series of hip-centered movements that build upon many of the movements that came before in the Hip-Strengthening Series. Start with foot and ankle work to bring some awareness to the foundation of your body, and then we move into a Surya C sequence that includes a Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana) and Pyramid Pose (Parsvottonasana). Next, we get into some excellent ankle mobility using Combat Stance, give the hips some effortful work in a Single Leg Tornado, and then move into a 90/90 Mobility Sequence for the hips. Integrate all of this work into Warrior 2, Extended Side Angle, and Triangle Pose to get the payoff of strong and open hips to lead to a light top arm as you explore where you are in space (proprioception) and how it feels inside your body (interoception). 2 Blocks will be helpful. Enjoy!

Hip Strengthening #8 + Single-Leg Strength

53 min

This next series of movements focuses on single-leg strength in a variety of ways, and invites you to explore with curiosity the two sides of your amazing body! We start with Alternate Nostril Breathing, and then head into a practice full of hippy moves that will bring awareness to your hips, yes, but also your toes and ankles. We visit a Single-Leg Squat, Block Drops, and a Side-Lying Leg Lift, and then integrate it all into a Triangle Flow. Enjoy building some heat, noticing effort, and RELAXING as you practice. You’ll need two blocks.

Hip Strengthening #9 + Ground and Expand

47 min

Focus on the feet and ankles as the foundation of grounding for the hips, and find an upward expanse of the upper body up, as you enjoy this 9th class in the hip-strengthening series. Filmed outside, you’ll hear birds chirping, and my cat Felix even makes an appearance! Includes Pyramid Pose, Combat Stance, a wonderful hip-strengthener from a “tie-your-shoe” position to standing, Boat Pose (Navasana), and a 90/90 Seated Hip Mobility sequence. Two blocks will be helpful for this practice. Enjoy!

Hip Strengthening #10 + Solar and Lunar Channels

55 min

Let’s revisit the strength of our two legs in this 10th class on the hips, as well as balancing out the solar (active, right-side) and lunar (restful, left-side) channels of our system. Single-leg strength is an important part of moving and balancing, and in this class, we build upon class #8 and explore progressions of Side-Lying Leg Lifts, Standing Heel Raises, the Block Drop, and more as we build up towards yoga poses such as Warrior 3, Half Moon, and Standing Leg Extensions (Uttita Hasta Padagusthasana). You’ll need 1 or 2 blocks for this practice. Enjoy!

Hip Mobility

Hip Strengthening #11 + Building Capacity

33 min

The 11th class in this Hip series, this practice builds upon class #7 and #9. This is the last time in this Hip series where we’ll use the movements of the Buddha Squat and the 90/90 Pinwheel Mobility Setup. What’s different is pace, repetition, order of positions, and adding a little bit of load, all great ways we can build capacity in our bodies! You may need 1-2 blocks for this practice. Get ready to turn some lightbulbs on in those hips! 

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