Essential Oils for Better Results in Practice and Life

3 Ways to Get My Recommended Brand of Essential Oils

All of the following options gets you into my sweet and supportive EO community on Facebook. 

This EO community includes simple tutorials for using the oils you order, a monthly community call to answer your questions, and a sharing of best practices for professional and personal routines.

It’s part women in business and part my friends and family.

And you’re invited! 

Option 1 – (BEST DEAL) Save 25% off retail with a Starter Kit and free wholesale account
Becoming a member of doTERRA Essential Oils is a little bit like joining Costco to receive their wholesale pricing. But instead of Costco, it’s doTERRA essential oils. 

The first year is free to join with one of their starter kits (also called “enrollment kits”), and after the first year, it’s $25 per year and comes with a free full sized bottle of Peppermint, which retails at $29. So, basically free after the first year. This provides you with wholesale pricing on everything they have to offer. Cool!

To get started, select the “Get Some Oils” link below, then choose your region and language and hit “Continue” and then fill out the information and select the “Wholesale Customer” option and choose a starter kit. There are a variety for you to choose from.

I recommend the Aroma Diffused Kit. Definitely get one that comes with a diffuser if you don’t have one.

NOTE: When joining, skip the “Loyalty Reward Program” sign up, UNLESS you plan on placing a regular monthly order of oils and want to take advantage of their “earn free products” benefits. You can always change your mind later. To be clear, there is no need or obligation to purchase anything else after your first order.

If you’re ordering outside of the USA, click here to select your region using this ID # 1234304.

Option 2 – Pay the $35 wholesale membership fee and choose the items you want at a 25% savings
You can put together you’re own custom starter kit and choose what you want. In this case, you will pay $35 for the wholesale membership for the first year and then everything you order will be at a 25% savings.

This is great if you want to select specific items or for a specific focus.

1) For example, if you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, serious runner, or work out intensively from time to time… search for the “Athlete’s Kit.” It comes in an easy to carry pouch for easy pack and go traveling.

2) Or, if you’re looking to create better sleep habits, you might create a little “power down” routine by custom selecting the following items: a bottle of Serenity essential oil to diffuse in your bedroom, a bottle of lavender and frankincense to diffuse after dinner and dishes are done, and a bottle of the Aroma Touch massage blend to rub into your tense neck and shoulders at the end of your day.

Whatever you choose, I can show you how to use what you order in a variety of ways in your work and personal life in our EO community.

To get started, click on the following “Get Some Oils” link and select your region and language and “Continue,” then complete the information and choose “Wholesale Customer” and then choose a “custom” enrollment kit option.

Option 3 – If you would like just one or two bottles, shop retail and skip the wholesale savings
Select the Shopping Cart icon in the upper right-hand corner, and then click “Shop Now” on the following “Get Some Oils” link and simply search for what you like. 

Consider the mini “Travel Kit” (it has my top 3 oils in it!) or “Intro Kit”. All very affordable. 

Or try ONE bottle of Wild Orange. It’s like a good mood in a bottle! 


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