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Body Intelligence Intro Series
Learn to trust the intelligence of your body in this introductory series on breath, movement, and reaching out into the world with kindness and compassion so your practice has meaning in the REAL world, today.
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Robin Penney

Your body has an intelligence that you can trust. Tap into it!

Robin is a California-based international teacher and a progressive thinker in the field of yoga and movement. With almost a decade of teaching experience Robin has a passion for helping people dig into their experience of themselves through the various layers and qualities of themselves and their relationships to experience a greater sense of strength, ease, and delight in the world.

Body Intelligence FREE Online Course

This series of practices and resources will introduce you to the Body Intelligence method, and is the perfect way to test out if practicing with me is right for you.

What you’ll get:

  • Design Your Morning Routine (PDF), plus my favorite Bulletproof coffee recipe
  • {Audio} Check-in Journaling exercise to receive messages from various parts of yourself
  • {Video} Introduction to Ocean Breathwork and how to truly follow the movement of the breath through the yoga practice
  • {Video} 15-minute Feeling Sensations Yoga Practice on pausing, feeling sensations & emotion in the physical body, and offering kindness (we are shifting negative self-talk!)
  • {Video} My 10-minute Go-To morning yoga practice and a template + instructions for you to create your own
  • {Audio} Lovingkindness meditation combined with a restorative yoga posture


…strength, listening, handstands, daily movement, my kids, ocean waves, coffee, coloring, novels, thoughtful people, making shapes, playing on the mat, camaraderie, support, teaching, learning new things, my cool parents, travel, mountains, trees, driftwood, campfires, my sister, being cozy, mornings, a clean house, orchids, cats, all the places I’ve lived, girlfriends, wineries, evening strolls with my husband, avocados, spinach, chocolate, the brain, creative sequencing, slowing down, balancing, breathing, moving, being…


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