Wishes for Private Students

I’m just coming inside from the most delightful afternoon out in my garden.

We have a fairly small backyard here in California, but we have filled this patio with flowers and climbing vines. A lot of it was here when we got here, so I’m trying to keep it going.

There are climbing roses and jasmine.

I just planted a grapevine. (I know!!)

We have a lemon tree that might just produce lemons this year.

Two tomato plants have a few little green tomatoes on them so far.

I love cultivating edibles and flowers, even though I don’t really know what I’m doing. It’s just so amazing watching the growth and the change, and to see the shifts through the seasons.

I have big dreams for one little part of the yard. It’s a side yard, and I can just see the potential for it. Maybe a little work area for moi. 🙂 A zen slice of heaven in green.

I think I could even do a little yoga here. Lots of good wall space, so maybe I’ll even do some private sessions with my private students over the summer here. Who knows?

As I was sitting back in my little oasis in between a couple of classes, I wrote out the wishes I have for my private students. 

I’ve been teaching private yoga + movement sessions for several years, but I really started expanding my private practice when I quit my corporate job last July and finally had some space open up to fully commit to these.

I have the pleasure of working with several ongoing private students now. Most of my regular students just really prefer practicing yoga at home, on their time, in their space, for a variety of reasons. Some students are with me to work on specific issues and questions, or to get the TLC that isn’t possible in a group yoga class.

My wonderful business coach, Melanie Munir, suggested that I write out these wishes for my students, and it was really amazing how juicy it was.

She was right, as she usually is. 🙂

See, I have these long-term visions for what I would love for the wonderful people I work with to have in their life. But they don’t always KNOW what my visions are for them.

In most cases, my wishes for them consist of things like:

  • Learning to trust her body and know that it will support her
  • Building strength and mobility in the legs, hips, core (and a little upper body thrown in there too)
  • Taking the pressure off and releasing the anxiety she carries around
  • Being able to get down to the floor and up again without using hands (important as we age)
  • Getting out of pain and having more options for movement
  • Being able to walk, hike, jump, balance, and enjoy the travel she has planned for the Summer and beyond
  • Developing the belief that self-care and body work is “okay” to take the time to do and worth it in every way
  • Rebuilding a relationship with breath and mindfulness
  • Etc…

The visions are all very specific to each person, and I held each student in my mind and heart as I wrote out these wishes for them.

I also wrote out HOW each student could progress in this direction and what my general plan was for each of them.

Work that we put in each week on a 1×1 basis has big payoffs, and I’ve seen each of my private students develop such presence and such strength and such capability, especially those who I’ve worked with more anywhere from three to six or nine months. 

I feel so fortunate to be able to spend time with these students in such deep work, helping them to work toward happier, healthier lives.

And now these wishes will go out into the world, to these students, and will create the framework for our work together going forward.

The student plants the seed, and we work together on the growth. Just like my garden and back patio.

Corny? Yep, sure. But you know, those seeds and the cultivation that comes from them create change. It’s powerful shit, these wishes.

I’m just about full for private sessions, but if you’re up for going deep, let’s do it. You can visit my yoga + movement menu here.

With deep visions and wishes for each of you,


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