Your Body is Your #1 Asset

I recently started shifting my focus to specialize in women who are over 40 and have an established business or a “weird job” that allows them to be flexible in how and when they work but also requires them to be active, out in the world.


Because I believe that these women have a lot to offer the world.

You have %$*# to do. You have ideas. You have vision. You have purpose and the world NEEDS you to do your work. 

Not to be held back by anything.

Especially not by pain, lack of energy, and you just not feeling like your body has the ability to support you in all you have to do.

Your body is your #1 asset. 

This year, I recently made the shift to think about it this way – to treat keeping my body running optimally as a business expense.

Crazy, right?

But think about it. If you can’t do what you need to do in your business or in your weird job because of pain, fatigue, a general heaviness and lack of energy, then you can’t do what you need to do.

So though I’m helping women recover from chronic pain and get stronger in their bodies, I’m really helping them do their work in the word.

Here are some examples of what I see my clients doing, and I’m in awe:

  • Malaka – a realtor who’s launching her own brand focused on knowing her client’s story, inside and out, so she can find them the perfect home
  • Denise – a Qi Gong teacher who’s starting a wellness collective with other modalities to help women be at their best
  • Laila – an adventurous supermom who’s raising 3 amazing kids in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Joy – a cranial sacral and massage therapist offering peace, lightness, care, and healing to all around her with a playful spirit
  • Sara – a feng shui consultant helping moms set up environments for love, health, and prosperity
  • Mia – a private flight attendant and foodie who feeds with love…she’s in service to her family, friends, and to some powerful people on the planet
  • Michelle – a nurse who’s all about patient care AND self-care for other nurses
  • Mie – a massage therapist whose mission is to help busy and successful women take time for personal wellbeing so they can SHINE
  • Josie – a Reiki practitioner and marriage officiant serving the world with her peaceful energy
  • Magali – an astrologist and climate change activist and writer, fighting the good fight
  • Melanie – owner of Mama Knows Business, helping other moms to thrive as entrepreneurs amidst family life

See…all of these women can’t do what they are doing if their body is holding them back.

They have important missions, causes, problems to solve, and solutions to offer. They are going for peace, purpose, fulfillment, care, heart, and joy.

So they have to be strong to DELIVER.

Weightless and unburdened by things that have the potential to drag them down.

Just like them, YOU are the #1 asset in your business and work, and also in your family life.

If you’re not operating at 100%, then your business can’t operate at 100%.

You need energy, stamina, and calm. 

You need to take the time (every day!!) to create this for yourself proactively. 

And the good news is that you don’t have to fall apart and feel depleted.

There are so many ways to care for yourself, and I believe that moving the body around every day is a critical activity that we must do. Use it lose it.

  • It’s little mini bits of movement.It’s 5 minutes here, rolling around on the floor.
  • It’s 10 minutes in the kitchen doing some Kitchen Yoga
  • It’s going to hang on some nearby monkey bars for 20 seconds
  • It’s putting your legs up the wall and taking some time to breathe consciously and to relax
  • It’s the luxury of an hour-long yoga class
  • It’s doing some core work to power up the center for energy
  • It’s lunging, twisting, reaching, hinging
  • It’s balancing your unbalanced muscles
  • It’s getting up and down off the floor and practicing how to fall
  • It’s listening to the messages from your body and truly heeding them.

You have a body.

You are asset #1.

We can do a lot until our body STOPS us. It’s hard to break the habit of go-go-go, and to slow down in order to go fast.

Once you realize that taking care of your body is a business expense, it can become a priority.

You have a body. You have breath. And you are even MORE than your body and your breath.

Learn to listen effectively to what your system needs, and then you’ll be more effective in making a difference that the world needs.

If you need help restructuring your #1 asset, I teach the more-than-stretching way, so if you like the idea of revamping your movement practice in a doable yet challenging way for YOU, and you need to keep your established business or “weird but good job” going, then let’s talk! I’d love to hear your story of what you’re up to in the world, and how I can support you to be 100%.

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