“I’m All Yours”

Here’s an interesting experience of shifting away from effort and into ease through three little words:

“I’m all yours”

I’ve had a lot to do lately and have been a little bit “blocked.” Things have been jumbled in my mind and I’ve felt scattered. Nothing was seeming to flow the way I wanted it to.

And yesterday was no exception. On a lot of levels, I felt that I “should” be working on X, Y, and Z. This week is an R&R week for me, which means that I “clear the decks” as much as I can to make room for life. You know, orthodontist appointments, hair appointments, getting those passports renewed, etc. I also work on “special projects” during these R&R weeks. So I don’t take private session appointments except for my ongoing students, and sometimes I even sub out my classes so we can go on a family vacation or something like that.

So because it’s an R&R week, I had an appointment to get my hair done, AND I have some special projects that I’m working on.

When I got to my hair stylist’s studio, I said hello to the stylist (who I don’t know well…I’m new to her and she was VERY quiet…barely said two words to me but she was very attentive to my hair and was very efficient!!), and then we went to the back to wash my hair.

As I settled into the chair, I decided to just relax and BE in this space of being cared for.

I started thinking of one of my students, who often says to me at the start of our sessions, “I’m all yours!”

And I thought of how lovely that little phrase is, how much attention and presence it implies.

“I’m all yours” means, in a way, “do with me what you will,” but more that than, it implies TRUST. Trust that the other person will care for you. And that you will give ALL of yourself to that person, meaning ALL of your attention. And that you expect them to also be completely focused on caring for YOU. 

I decided to give myself over to this lovely girl who was doing my hair, to let myself enjoy having my hair washed and that little scalp massage.

I realized that (1) I don’t do a lot of this pampering of myself and that (2) I don’t often give myself over so completely to others so that they can truly help me!

I’m often in some kind of “protection mode,” which is fine and necessary, and I DO have a responsibility to watch out for my own experience in a massage, in a craniosacral treatment, in a yoga class or whatever I might be receiving.

But even as I’m watching out for myself, I can also have this attitude of trust, and to say “I’m all yours” and to have that intention of completely 100% showing up and being in that state of being cared for by another.

Can you identify???

As a teacher, this actually is what I aim to bring to my students. As much as they give themselves over to me, I am saying to them in my mind and heart, “I’m all yours.”

I try to let energy flow through me, as corny as that may sound, to let my knowledge and skills and intuition guide me, to let my relationship with the human in front of me guide our time together.


What a beautiful gift we can give each other.

Trust, presence, openness, vulnerability, attention, focus, a relaxed sense of letting go of everything else, just for a space of time.

And by the way, because of this shift, my mind cleared and I was able to complete one of my projects with an ease that was eluding me when I was forcing and pushing. 🙂 Funny how that happens, right?

If this speaks to you and you think you might like the idea of revamping your movement practice in a doable yet challenging way for YOU, and you need to have someone be “all yours” so you can be at your best, then let’s talk! I’d love to hear your story of what you need and where you’re headed.

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