Sometimes, we just need to move and breathe. Let these breath-based movement and yoga practices lead you into an exploration of your body-mind and into enjoyment of all your capable of.

Revolved Triangle Pose

Twist Sweetly 

34 min

Move your hips, spine, and shoulders in new ways as we twist sweetly through a flow that uses a Wide Legged Forward Fold as the “base pose” that we return to over and over again. Use the flow to unravel areas of tightness, and give yourself permission to treat the stronger movements with gentleness, openness, and love. You’ll need at least 1-2 blocks for this practice, and a blanket or small pillow. Optional essential oils: Cardamom and Rose from doTERRA.

Dancer's Pose

Find Your Practice

37 min

This full-spectrum practice helps you find and connect to the foundational elements of breath in the body, and hands/feet on the ground. A basic Hatha sequence with a little bit of flow moves you through Sun Salutations, standing poses like Warrior 1 and 2, Extended Side Angle, and Half Moon, and balancing poses including Eagle, Buddha, and Dancer’s Pose. We’ll strengthen in a few challenging moments with Chair Pose, a 1-minute Plank or Side Plank hold, and Boat Pose. And we finish with backbends, seated twists/folds, and final resting pose. I hope you feel energized and relaxed after this practice! 

Optional playlist on Spotify: Find Your Practice  


Quick Beginner’s Yoga Warm Up 

11 min

This short flow takes you through a spinal warm-up using Tabletop and Cat/Cow. Then enjoy some side-bending and stretch the inner thighs in Gate Pose (Perighasana). Finally, we’ll move into some lunge variations to open the hips and strengthen the legs. Grab 2 blocks for support under your hands, and a blanket for some cushion under your knees if you’d like. Let’s flow!

Note: This is part of the 4-part Foundations of Flow series of classes. Click here for additional practices in the series.

Drill to Step from Downdog to Lunge

Sneak into a Deep Practice

52 min

Sneak your way into a deep practice through this ladder flow sequence that starts on the floor (with some sneaky core work!) and builds toward some challenging moments. This class includes a great drill for stepping forward from Downward Facing Dog into a Lunge (which is a move with which lots of people struggle!!) in place of the regular “vinyasa” transitions. We also Warrior 2, Reverse Triangle, Goddess, Half Moon, and some twists throughout. Short practices you do on a regular basis add up to bigger transformations than BIG things you do every now and then, so revisit this one every time you need a reset and a chance to remind yourself of calm and settling. 2 blocks will be useful. 

Sun Salutation Exploration

52 min

In this all-levels class, we explore some “functional” variations on pieces of the classic Sun Salutation flow from the yoga tradition. We start by finding a 3-dimensional breath pattern, then move into some great exploration of the body: the spine, the ankles, the core, the wrists, the shoulders, the hamstrings, and more! This work should help your yoga practice (and your everyday life) feel stronger and more integrated. All of this functional-movement exploration gets integrated into a Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, and then a quieter Lunar Salutation in celebration of Full Moon energy.


grounding yoga flow

Get Grounded Flow

56 min

This breath-based vinyasa practice starts with the intention to get grounded into the experience of your body connecting to the Earth and your breath as an anchoring element. We move through a seated warm-up, then into a standing flow including some hip-opening lunges and Warrior poses, and then into Tree, a grounding single-leg balance pose. We end with Bridge, a Reclined Pigeon, and a guided Savasana to release effort and surrender into the Earth. 

Sweet Balance

58 min

Balance is not about achieving perfection, but about calibrating the moment-to-moment shifts in our lives. This class starts with a great foot + ankle warmup and then moves into a ladder flow that progressively adds on new poses into a full flow where we play with balance along the way. We’ll also practice a fun and light drill for hopping forward from Downdog to a Standing Forward Fold. Experience balance sweetly, and with curiosity, much like you did when you were a kid, before your ego got involved! You’ll need a blanket/towel for this practice, and 2 blocks might be helpful. 

Strong and Grounded Flow

53 min

This class uses the experience of the senses and your breath to cultivate a feeling of being grounded and anchored in the present moment. We flow in low-to-the-ground movements to warm up and then move into strong moves that incorporate being grounded but also hovering away from the floor to develop strength, such as in Three-Legged Plank, Core Plank, a transition from Tree into a Lunge, and Hovered Forearm version of Extended Side Angle Pose. After the flow, relax using poses at the wall (or not..options are given if you don’t have a wall!) like Legs Up the Wall and Reclined Pigeon at the Wall. Enjoy releasing overworking mental activity and getting grounded in your present experience.

Outer Hips and Legs Yoga Practice

Shift, Pivot, + Breathe

50 min

With our “new normal” changing daily as we deal with the impacts of Covid-19, this practice has as its intention to recognize the shifts we do in life and in our practice, to experiment with pivoting in new directions, and to stay connected to a steady, calm BREATH in the midst of it all. We start with a seated Eagle Arm twist and side bend sequence, and then move into a standing flow focused on the legs in strong Lunges and Warrior poses, and we play with a balance skill builder to strengthen the outer hips and ankles in the middle of it all. We end with hip and hamstring stretches, and a deep rest. 2 blocks and a strap will be helpful for this practice. 

Half Camel Variation

Resources to Deal with Discomfort

60 min

Use the resources and tools of your breath and of your yoga practice to help you feel safe, protected, and settled, even in uncomfortable moments. This practice is designed to help you find comfort through “resourcing” and then to push you into new shapes, to feel uncomfortable (just a little bit!) and to intentionally remember how to get through these periods of growth and expansion. This practice includes a novel sequence that moves from Parsva Balasana (Side Child’s Pose) into a variation of Side Plank, and later in the class to a version of Half Camel. We’ll also explore how the hips move in a “Music Box” variation of Warrior 3 to Half Moon, along with some good-old-fashioned flow that follows the breath. You’ll need one blanket and/or a Coregeous Ball, plus 2 blocks for this practice. 

Shoulder Yoga Practice

Connect to the Power of Calm 

50 min

You have the power to choose CALM and manage your mindset for greater balance, and this practice encourages you to cultivate this sense of calm. We start by activating the core to tap into your power, and then we move the major joints of the body, especially the wrists and shoulders. Further shoulder work is incorporated into a standing flow to help you release tension and build strength. Moments of challenge give you time to re-anchor into calm through your breathing. Side plank and Wild Thing give us a chance to explore and play. A blanket and 2 blocks are optional for this practice.


Yoga Practice for Hips

Honey Flow for Hips

50 min

Soak up this stretchy flow focused on the hips, IT band, and hamstrings. Imagine that you’re moving through honey during this practice so that your movements feel a little bit sweet and also a little bit challenging as you S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N and feel. As you move, you’ll build a more connected mental map of your body and a greater awareness of the state of your being. 2 blocks will be helpful for this practice.

vinyasa yoga flow

Crush on Your Breath

45 min

Use this practice to fall in love with your breath…a crush, if you will. Enjoy the feel of your breath in your body and let it carry you through this unique flow that features a repeated shape of Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose) in various positions. Dig in, let go, turn your brain off for a while, and enjoy getting swept away by this practice. 

fun yoga flow

Feel Good Flow

80 min

The ask of this class is for you to FEEL GOOD. To use your external senses, your proprioception (where you are in time + space) and your interoception (your sense of the internal landscape of your body) to give you body what it needs. This ladder flow moves through a repeating pattern including Thread the Needle, lots of Child’s Poses, versions of Side Plank, Buddha (1/2 Chair with a Pigeon Leg), various gentle backbends, a fun version of Half Camel and much more. This flow sequence has challenging moments, but LOTS of moments to catch your breath and just BE. We end with Dolphin, Supported Bridge, Reclined Gomukasana, and a Reclined Twist. 

Ocean Flow to Get Unstuck

63 min

Enjoy this full-body flow practice that invites movement, flow, and fluidity so you can get “unstuck,” both on and off the mat. This flow includes repeating elements so you can get into the fluid movement of your breath in an easeful and inviting way. Includes a lunge flow, Moon Salutations, Warrior 1, Side Plank, Pigeon, and some great hip and twisting work. Two blocks and a blanket are optional props. 

Summer Solstice Flow

60 min

Practice this sequence any time you want to connect to the energy of the sun through the consistent movement of your breath. Filmed on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, this class features several variations on the classic Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) pattern of moving connected with breath. Dig into your emotional body by feeling sensation, noticing the mood (“bhava”) of your body, and then responding consciously instead of habitually reacting. This practice invites you to cultivate power and energy OR to cultivate rest and relaxation via the attitude you bring to the practice

Eagle Play Yoga Practice

Anchor the Front Ribs Down + Eagle Play

80 min

This Inner Fire Flow class was Live-Streamed at Luma Yoga. This class includes an emphasis on anchoring the front ribs down to encourage a sense of power in the center of the body, along with a lift of the heart. We do lots of hip work and balance play in various forms of Eagle Pose (Garudasana), squatting and arm balancing in Crow, a Lunge Flow, and end with Bridge Pose, some hamstring and hip stretching, and a relaxing rest in Savasana to integrate our practice. 


Slow Flow for the Hips

45 min

Enjoy this slow-flow practice that focuses on the hips, hamstrings, and quads. Our standing pose section is very brief, and we’ll mostly stay on reclined, seated, and on All 4s. We’ll also visit some wonderful twists to help you unravel tension and release what needs to go. Pigeon, Gomukasana, Gate Pose, Baby Dancer, and Bow Pose are all poses we’ll hit. Gather whatever props you like for a low-to-the ground practice, like blocks, a bolster, a blanket (though all of these are optional).

Full Moon Yoga Flow

Full Moon Flow

38 min

Enjoy this hip-focused Lunar Flow class for the Full Moon! We flow through a version of a Moon Salutation, and then spend some time progressing toward a Side Lunge (otherwise known as Skandasana or Surfer’s Pose). Then we flow through a Lunar Flow once more before soaking up a well-deserved rest. You’ll need a chair or stool, and also 2-3 blocks or a low stool for this practice.


Move From Center

56 min

Often, life pulls at us from the edges, we spin out of control, and we forget how to move from our center. Use this heat-building yoga practice to reconnect to the midline of your physical body and to generate movement that is generated from the strong, stable presence of your core and the movement of your breath. This flow features lots of wrist, ankle, and knee warmups, and a standing flow that includes Warrior 2, Extended Side Angle, Goddess, a Wide-Legged Forward Fold and fun ways to get up and down off the floor without hands. We end with a seated twist, a reclined hip stretch, and a final relaxation to settle and calm.

Deep Core Yoga Practice

Tap into Inner Power

41 min

Filmed on April 4, 2020, the numerology of 4-4-2020, or 444 is the focus of this class. So an exploration of the 4 elements (fire, earth, water, air) as a way to tap into inner power and wisdom is the theme. We use core work to tap into the Fire of the belly, grounding of the body into the Earth, movement to feel the element of Water, and of course breathing to feel Air. Strengthen your wrists with some wrist taps (humbling!!), and then enjoy a knees-down flow sequence eventually comes up to standing and Tree pose. We play with Bakasana (Crow Pose) before coming down to rest in the integrative state of inner wisdom, Savasana. You’ll need 2 blocks and a blanket for this practice.

Block Party #1

60 min

Use blocks as support AND to make things more challenging and interesting in this fun “Block Party” practice that explores ideas of resistance, feedback, and the learning that happens when we have those forces at play. We start with restorative postures, then move into a little interesting core work using a block. and finally, move into a standing flow incorporating the blocks in new ways. You’ll get a chance to practice the flow without the blocks also, to feel differences and use your imagination. Have fun with this one! 2 blocks needed. 

(I’m calling this Block Party #1 because I’m sure they will be more practices like these. So many ways we can use blocks, right??)

Bakasana or Crow Pose

Journey to Crow

48 min

Ever wanted to learn how to fly in an arm balance like Crow Pose (or Bakasana)? Here’s your chance to practice! Enjoy a full-body warm-up, including lots of work for the wrists to prepare for load bearing. Then we flow, focusing on hugging into the midline of the body, setting our gaze forward (not back), and playing with dynamic standing balancing. Finally, I’ll teach you a version of Crow pose on your back (easy peasy!!), seated, and then the version where you balance on your hands. A bolster/pillow and 2 blocks are helpful for this practice. Have fun and believe in yourself!


Release The Threads In Your Body (Forearm Stand Practice)

60 min

Use this practice to relax, stretch, and release energy in the threads of your body that needs to GO. Begin with a lovely upper back opener, and then move into some solid core work to connect you to center and to your breathing. Stretch the toes and the shoulders to wake them up and release tension. Then we FLOW through a vinyasa practice that includes lots of Dolphin/Forearm Plank shapes, Side Plank, Fallen Triangle, Pyramid, Standing Split, and Wild Thing. We end with a visit toward Forearm Stand (the stage with one leg lifted in Dolphin) and then just REST in Supported Bridge/ Savasana of your choice. We work hard, but it’s all integrated, calm, and infused with the breath. Two blocks will be helpful, plus a small blanket/beach towel.

Ground Down, Reach Up and Open the Heart

51 min

Explore the inner line of the body in this flowy vinyasa practice that uses Rabbit Pose (a hugged-in version of Child’s Pose with the hips lifted and the crown of the head on the floor) as part of the repeated flow. You’ll stretch the feet and ankles, and practice moving between Chair, a Squat, and Keeling as a way to get up and down from standing to the floor. Practice rooting and rising in poses like Warrior 1, Crow Pose and a prep for Tripod Headstand. And we’ll open the heart in poses like Camel, Reverse Warrior, and Wild Thing. Use the energy in your body to ground into the Earth, and from that rootedness, explore opening the crown of the head to receive higher vibrations!

Revolved Triangle Pose

Twist Sweetly 

34 min

Move your hips, spine, and shoulders in new ways as we twist sweetly through a flow that uses a Wide Legged Forward Fold as the “base pose” that we return to over and over again. Use the flow to unravel areas of tightness, and give yourself permission to treat the stronger movements with gentleness, openness, and love. You’ll need at least 1-2 blocks for this practice, and a blanket or small pillow. Optional essential oils: Cardamom and Rose from doTERRA.


Side Body Stretch Morning Practice

40 min

Wake all the joints of your body with this morning practice that includes an emphasis on stretching your side body to get spacious, long, and full of energy!

Proceed As The Way Opens

53 min

Move through breathwork, side bends, twists, and balancing postures using your own body and breath to guide your practice. In this way, we “proceed as the way opens” (a Quaker saying) to make choices about practice (and LIFE) when there doesn’t seem to be a roadmap. You’re invited to vary your postures in a variety of ways and to just explore moving and following your breathing. Poses included are Bird Dog (opposite arm/leg extensions in All 4s, Twisted Chair, Eagle, Warrior 3, Seated Twists, and more). Enjoy proceeding as YOUR way opens.

Flying Pigeon Variation

Clear Your Energy Field

54 min

Feel the winds of energy (vayus) in your body with this flow-based practice that includes lots of breathwork, a rocking-and-rolling vinyasa, a Warrior to Skandasana flow, Half-Crow Pose (Eka Pada Bakasana), and an exploration of a Reclined Flying Pigeon. The ask of this class is to clear your field of energy: to gather back power you have loaned out, and to give power and energy that you can loan to others through consciousness, breathing, and movement of stagnant energy.

Get Into the Zone Through Flow

60 min

Enjoy this ladder flow sequence where we layer on one part of a sequence, then another, then another so you can clear your mind, and let your body sink into a state of “flow.” Includes Lunge Twists, 3-Legged Plank, Core Plank, Chair (Utkatasana), Warrior 1, 2, and 3, Half Moon, Eagle, Seated Twists and Folds, and more!

Full Body Flow Practice

63 min

In each practice in which we come together as a group, we also always have our own individual experience. So in this practice, you’ll be encouraged and reminded that YOU have the intelligence of your own body to listen to. You can even break the “yoga rules” and make things feel GOOD. A “potpourri” practice, this class hits all the parts of the body and is a well-rounded practice you might come back to again and again. A great workout, a great rest, a great stretch, all guided by the movement of the breath.

Align Your Body for Skillful Action

60 min

In this practice, we bring awareness to how we align the inner spaces of the body to increase our alignment with how we want and DO act in the world. We work with feeling the arches of the feet, on up the legs, the pelvic floor, the respiratory diaphragm, the upper palate, and the crown of the head in this attempt to connect to the midline of the spine. The flow works around those spaces through deep squats, Rabbit Pose, Forearm Plank, a zipped-up Shalabasana, Warrior 1, and more. We work with some hip movements around a stable spine, and we also play with a Single-Leg Deadlift movement, Tripod Headstand, Eagle, and a Seated Twist. Throughout, you’ll be invited to reconnect to the inner domes in your body, to realign, realign, realign, and then to ACT with skill. 2 blocks will be helpful. 

Eagle Flow

43 min

This class includes an emphasis on anchoring the front ribs down to encourage a sense of power in the center of the body, along with a lift of the heart. We do lots of hip work and balance play in various forms of Eagle Pose (Garudasana), squatting and arm balancing in Crow, a Lunge Flow, and end with Bridge Pose, some hamstring and hip stretching, and a relaxing rest in Savasana to integrate our practice.

Triangle Pose

Twist to Release

55 min

Enjoy this ladder flow sequence that focuses on consciously releasing stagnant energy and blockages through a twisting sequence. We start with a section of the flow, and then the ladder flow adds on a new piece each time we flow through so you can hook into breath and movement, and get into the zone! Includes Lion’s Breath, Thread the Needle, Side Plank, Triangle Pose, Pyramid Pose, Tree Pose, and a Standing Revolved Twist. Two blocks are helpful if you like support under your hands for forward folds.



Restorative: Settle and Clear Your System

24 min

Three restorative poses, 5 minutes each. This practice uses the analogy of a glass of water with sand in it that has been stirred and invites you to let the sand in your system settle and your water to clear. You’ll need 2 blankets or towels and 2 blocks for this practice.

Click Here for Recommended Playlist on Spotify 

Low Back Practice

24 min

Try this practice when your low back needs some love and attention. This is a gentle yoga / movement practice, designed to help you feel your body more fully, move through the hips, pelvis, and upper back, and release tension and stress.

Ground into Highest Vision

51 min

Use this gentle practice to feed your system with nourishment, steadiness, and calm so that you can tap into the highest vibration for your life. This will have a ripple effect on all around you. This practice includes restorative breathwork, seated leg lifts, basic joint mobility for ankles, hips, wrists, shoulders, and neck, and culminates in a Janu Sirsasana Series to fold forward, twist, and side bend. A 3-minute Box Breath practice will set you up well for Savasana. A bolster/pillow and blanket/towel is recommended.

Rib Cage Breathing and Head Massage

Take Refuge in Practice

46 min

Find refuge in a consistent practice with this class that encourages you to find and set the boundaries — physically with your body, with your time, and with the idea that you can use your practice to feel better if you keep showing up for yourself. We work with rib cage breathing using a strap, some neck/chest/side body massage, Thread the Needle, and a Reclined Sun Salutation to encourage you to not stay stuck, but instead to move past the layers of anxiety, stress, and fear. Box Breath is our 3-minute meditation again. Enjoy giving yourself this container for practice!

Settle Nervous System Yoga Practice

Settle the Nervous System

68 min

Use this practice to move into the parasympathetic nervous system (“PNS”) so you can restore your body and mind, replenish energy, and cultivate mindful presence.  We start with a restorative posture to relax the Psoas muscle, then move into a slow-flow practice with lots of grounding, breath-initiated movement, and asymmetrical play. Use this practice whenever you need a little self-care. A couple of blankets or towels will be helpful, as will 2 blocks. A pillow or bolster is also recommended. Soak up this practice! 

Kitchen Yoga: Full-Body Mobility Practice

24 min

You don’t need a mat for this practice, and can even do it in your kitchen while you’re making coffee/tea, oatmeal, rice, etc. This practice is a tutorial on how to do Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) from the Functional Range Conditioning approach to move your joints in all the major ranges of motion!

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