Reconnect DIY

For you Self-Starters out there! Movement for THIS life!

Here’s what I hear from my girlfriends, other moms, and from women around the world these days:

We are sick of chaos, overwhelm, screen addiction, negative self-talk, and a lack of connection to each other and ourselves.

We are tired of being tired.

We are ready to be mobile and strong for long life.

We love beautiful things and want to celebrate them.

We want our children to be resilient and strong, and to be loved and feel that they belong.

We are ready to take charge and make some serious changes.

These things are possible, and TOGETHER, we can strengthen our own hearts and discover a way past shame, fear, and overwhelm. We can trust in our own body’s intelligence. We can learn to move in all the ways we need our hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists, neck, and spine to move to support our LIFE. We can BREATHE fully and deal with anxiousness. We can LOVE completely, unburdened by stories that have outworn their welcome by leaning toward emotions and letting inner weather pass as it will, with mindful compassion.

We can reconnect.

I’m here to show you a way.

I’ve worked with dozens of women, both online and in person, to help them find their ground, discover creativity and expression, hold clear boundaries, open to compassion for others, speak and share what’s true, and realize their vision through the process of yoga, movement, and contemplative practices like journaling and meditation.

And now what I’ve offered only in my formal coaching program is now open to YOU in a brand-new online course for this journey to occur.

It’s called: Reconnect DIY

This idea is this:

You and I, working through a process to reconnect first to SELF, then a wider reconnection to WORLD through relationship.

I have developed this program slowly over many years of personal practice and discovery. It has helped me through busy years of raising children (now my kids are teenagers!!), through a stressful corporate life in software that I finally had the courage to leave, and now into the sometimes-scary but exhilarating experience of being a yoga and movement educator and entrepreneur.

These are my own rituals for showing up for myself and to more mindfully show up for and to SEE those around me.

These rituals are not perfect, but they are pretty damn good, and they hold me in a space that feels good. Nurturing, settled, connected, strong, and calm.

Over the course of six months, I’ll teach you all about these tools and help you find the space to develop your own rituals that WORK.

This is an online course, so I’ll support you via the program materials with all kinds of direct guidance, cheerleading, and support in the realm of yoga and movement.

Plus, I’m kind of a checklist and system geek, so you’ll get all kinds of tools and templates that I’ve developed to help you get even more acquainted with your body, your breath, your mind, your habits, and opportunities to expand into greater RELATIONSHIP.

Because relationship is what life (and yoga) is all about!! Relationship between our body and our breath, between all the parts of ourselves (physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual), and between us and the precious people around us.

We’ll start with the physical body, because we are living in this HOME of a body. I’m interested in helping you reach your goals of embodiment, whether that is getting out of physical pain, getting stronger and/or more mobile, or just having FUN in the awesome body you have in this life. The body has a lot of messages for us if we just listen and trust in it.

We’ll also explore the intellectual side of you so we can get in touch with mental stories and patterns you may be carrying around that no longer serve. We’ll ask some tough questions to get into what you really want and crave and need, and we’ll use your gorgeous and powerful brain to develop more focus and clarity for your daily challenges.

Emotionally, we’ll get into the HEART of what makes you tick and where you really want to show your love in the world. Through grounding, foundational work, we’ll use the exercises and practices on the mat to transition to lessons for life OFF the mat. Because if the work on the mat isn’t really going anywhere, what’s the point?

And finally, we’ll get into spirit of SOUL, however you define that. The wisest and most pure BODY that you have. We’ll listen to the deepest of body intelligence and see if we can’t enhance the experience of VISION for your life, and help you LIVE it out loud.

How will we do all of this?

Though RECONNECTING, that’s how.

Reconnect DIY is a six-month online course filled with deep transpersonal work that uses the physical practice of yoga and movement, combined with daily, mindful rituals to feed YOU, and those around you who need your strength and calm in the modern world.

Here’s what the 6 months we spend together will look like:

  • Routines and rituals are the boss. We’ll use them to set up time and space for our work together to ensure it is fruitful.
  • We’ll get off our phones and screens by setting some serious self-regulating rules for technology in our lives (disconnect to reconnect), and we’ll use tech wisely to support us in our real lives.
  • You’ll also enjoy a monthly full-length video yoga + movement practice to focus on one energy center per month. Each one will build upon the last so that we develop a strong sense of self that is then hooked into our sense and experience of others.
  • And in addition to the more traditional yoga movements, I’ll introduce you to some mobility tools in the form of assessments that will help reveal your body blindspots and compensations patterns (that may be leading to those aches and pains you feel now). And this work will seriously inform the physical work we do together over the six months we spend together.
  • I’ll teach you a LOT about breathwork. We’ll use this powerful tool as a way to feel the body we’re in and to use various breathing patterns to help cultivate energy or calm, depending on what is needed.
  • Many more tools in the form of journaling exercises, guided meditations, delicious drink recipes to nourish and fuel your physical and mental body, visioning exercises, and all around self-exploration tools to dig DEEP into yourself.

Is Reconnect right for you?

I designed this program for women who are ready to uplevel their daily lives:

  • Self-Starters!! This is imperative. Because this is an online course, I’ll certainly support you with lots of email support and calendaring to keep you on track, but if you need MORE support and know you just won’t make yourself do the work, I recommend you check out my full coaching program: RECONNECT.
  • New-to-yoga practitioners willing to learn from the ground up in a nurturing, mellow, and friendly atmosphere
  • Busy moms who need some nurturing me-time to help develop inner (and outer) strength, patience, and calm
  • Experienced yogis who have an established practice, but have little quirks, aches and pains, and want to rehab (or prehab) injuries through progressive loading variations within the yoga framework
  • Yoga teachers who want to reinvent their own yoga practice and better serve their students with movement variety to STRENGTHEN the body and help prevent injuries

Here are the results you can expect if you give your whole self to this program with me:

  • More mindful daily movement patterns for daily living with decreased pain
  • Stronger in all joints of the body, better balance, more graceful and agile movement
  • Ability to ground mentally for less anxiety, more focus, and more presence
  • Shift negative self-talk and shift experience of relationships around you (think patience, perspective, compassion)
  • More relaxed; better sleep/rest
  • Solid rituals for steady practice and a commitment to taking care of yourself
  • Enjoyment of THIS life with this body and this mind, heart, and spirit

Robin helped me to transform my life by helping me establish rituals for new healthy habits.  She met me exactly where I was at physically and mentally – creating a program that was challenging/appealing and painlessly incorporated into my life. I started this program taking supplements to help with joint pain/health – at the end of her program, I am happy to say that I no longer need those supplements and pain relievers!

Michelle Meszaros-Sjoberg


I’ve been limited by a hip/low back injury for almost a decade. I hiked about 50 yards uphill in Yosemite before feeling like I was grinding myself toward a hip replacement with every step. After four months in Robin’s Reconnect program, I hiked all over New Zealand for two weeks with no pain. My husband asked me to thank Robin for giving him back his hiking partner!

Leslie Krzeczowski

Next Session Starts May 1, 2019!

Inside the Reconnect DIY Program:

Registration is OPEN for motivated students ready to uplevel their yoga practice + LIFE and get stronger, calmer, and more connected. Here’s what we’ll accomplish in our 6 months together:

3 Private Assessment Sessions (Value = $450)

If you choose to add on the RECONNECT Assessments, you’ll get THREE 60-min private sessions with me, either in person or online. In the first assessment session, we’ll do a laser-focused work up to see where you’re at body-wise and heart-mind wise, and then I’ll design some doable h(OM)ework for you. In the middle of the program, we’ll get together again for a mid-point check-in. Then at the end of the program, we’ll meet one last time to do a final assessment and I’ll offer you some next steps for your continued journey. Completely customized support for you and your body-mind.

Practice Accountability System (Value = Priceless)

I’ll support your practice goals to ensure you’re getting your rituals set up so home practice and LIFE  can happen. I’ll help you develop a personal practice calendar and will keep you accountable! Everyone can benefit from the buddy system!

Transpersonal Development Framework (Value = $500)

The models that we’ll use to work with all of the various parts of the body (physical and otherwise) are influenced by several personal and transpersonal (our relationship with others) development systems that are in my background, including a version of the Chakra (energy center) system, the Quadrinity system, the Radical Acceptance methodology from Tara Brach, which is based on Buddhist teachings, world mythology, yogic and tantric philosophy, and other journaling and visioning approaches, all with the goal of knowing ourselves and our place in the world better. Part of our work together will be finding the areas where these approaches resonate most fully with YOU, and going from there. Prepare to go deep!!

Prepare for Practice (Value = Priceless)

I’ll give you a setup guide to ensure that you’ve got a place to practice in your home with any props you need. A home practice spot is ideal for finding calm and connection on your own.

6 Monthly Video Practices (Value = $600)

Each month, I’ll send you one full-length yoga + movement class that will focus on the theme for the stage we’re in at the time. This practice will solidify the developmental and philosophical work we’re doing together so you can really get into this work. You can use these for as long as you like to support your ongoing practice! Golden!

Movement Off the Mat (Value = Priceless)

Yes, there’s a world off the mat! And we’ll discuss a ton of ways you can move your body well when you’re not practicing yoga on the mat. This is actually huge. Think other sports, playing with kids at the playground, walking/hiking with friends, what I call “kitchen yoga,” and more. I’ll help keep you moving in all kinds of ways! It’ll be fun.

Total Value of DIY = $1,100 (+ priceless stuff)

Total Reconnect DIY Investment = $399

Optional Add on of Assessment Package (Valued at $450) = $400

*payment plans available

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