Let's practice

show up on the mat and flow

because you’ve got to start somewhere. practicing at home is sometimes easier with guidance, so let me be your guide. roll out your mat, pick a practice, and let’s breathe together. lots to choose from.

Short Arm Balance Flows – Intermediate

Chaturanga / Low Pushup Flow (3 min)

Lolasana / Pendant Pose Flow (4 min)

Bakasana / Crow Flow (7 min)

Parsva Bakasana / Side Crow Flow (4 min)

Eka Pada Galvasana / Flying Pigeon Flow (11 min)

Tittibasana / Firefly Flow (5 min)

Full Classes – All Levels

Backbend Flow (Level 1/2) – 29 min

Standing Balances and Backbends Flow – Level 2 (40 min)

Engaged Mindfulness for Hamstrings Flow – Level 2/3 (56 min)

Balancing Effort and Ease Flow – Level 2 (54 min)

Open the Front Body Slow Flow – 47 min


How to Get into Mermaid Pose in Stages – 5 min

How to Use Props for Full Wheel – 20 min

Strengthening the Legs and Core – 11 min

Strengthen the Upper Body for Handstand Prep – 31 min

Meditation & Journaling

Quadrinity Check in and Morning Pages – 23 min