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The Mmmmmm Phase

The Mmmmmm Phase

As Luma Yoga, my yoga home for several years, closes its doors on Feb 14, 2021, how do we move on as a yoga community into what’s next? My contemplation for now: be in the MMMMMmmmm phase as one thing dissolves. Plus, work on developing stamina for the long haul through practice.

“I’m All Yours”

“I’m All Yours”

“I’m all yours” means, in a way, “do with me what you will,” but more that than, it implies TRUST. Trust that the other person will care for you. And that you will give ALL of yourself to that person, meaning ALL of your attention. And that you expect them to also be completely focused on caring for YOU. 

Core Strengthening Moves Using the Yoga Wheel
Core Strength with the Yoga Wheel
Core Strengthening Moves Using the Yoga Wheel
Find Flight! Side Crow Tutorial

(Full Sequence + Printable + Link to 20-min Video)

Beginner’s Vinyasa Sequences

{Click on an image to access a printable version of each sequence}

Half Sun Saluations and Basic Standing Poses
Full Sun Saluations, Warrior 3, and More
Stepping Forward from Downdog to Lunge + Hip Opening Flow
Foundations of Flow - Fire Up Your Flow
Fire Up Your Flow (Sun Saluation B Series)

Accompanying videos are part of the "Foundations of Flow" course on my online class library. Come flow with me!

Advanced Vinyasa Sequences

Level 2/3. This sequence uses lots of work in the legs, belly, and arms to pull into the core and get connected. Building a shelf for the arms in poses like Chaturanga and Wide-Legged Forward Fold help set the foundation for Tripod Headstand. Hovering the bottom arm in Extended Side Angle and Triangle Pose require lots of hugging in action from the legs and into the belly. Handstand hops (they don’t have to be big!!) challenge your bravery and train you to start thinking “hips over shoulders.” A little core work thrown in and a Reclined version of Bakasana, which is harder than you think, but great for those of use with wrist issues. It all culminates in Bakasana to Tripod Headstand. You could even go back to Bakasana from Tripod if you’re so inclined. Enjoy!!

Crow to Tripod Headstand

This sequence is part of the Dynamic Ladder Flows series on my online yoga studio Dynamic Ladder Flow #1 Connected Core Flow. Head on over and do the practice if you have a membership!

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