Yoga + Movement + Breathwork with a focus on low back issues

This is an All Levels series that will include a little bit of education, plenty of breathing, and a whole lot of gentle and dynamic movement to focus on low back health.

Together, we’ll work with:

  • Movement-based approaches to feeling better in your yoga practice and in regular life
  • How to work with compensation patterns in your body to isolate potential areas of weakness
  • Corrective exercises to strengthen your body and nervous system
  • Soft tissue work to release tension
  • Breath patterning and meditation practices

Join me if you are dealing with low back pain and have an interest in learning specific work you can do to feel better!

4-week series

Dates: May 9-30

Time: Thursdays, 7-8:20pm

Location: Luma Yoga, Santa Cruz

Cost: $80 for the series


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