Foundations of Flow - Lesson 1

Set the Foundation with Breath
Lesson 1: Set the Foundation with Breath

Grab your mat, and get ready to enjoy this short, 28-minute flow that covers the basics of our lesson #1 poses! We’ll start by developing a connection to the breath with a 3-part breath technique, and then we’ll warm up the body with gentle movement, paying attention to the foundation of each pose. Next we’ll practice half of the classic Sun Salutation series. From there, we’ll move into some standing poses to engage the legs and open the hips and side body. Finally, we’ll come down the floor for some mild seated stretches and our final rest.

Recommended props: 2 blocks, a blanket, and a strap

Set the Foundation with Breath – Home Practice

28 min

Short Tutorials

These short videos are more instructional in nature, so watch them when you want to refine or review something, or if you just have time for a very short practice.

Guided Breath Work – 3-Part Breath

9 min

Quick Warm Up (Cat/Cow –> Lunge Variations)

11 min

Props: 2 blocks, blanket

Half Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A)

7 min

Props: 2 blocks

Balancing Tree Flow

8 min

Props: chair or wall

Warrior 2 Flow

6 min

Strengthening Flow to Downward Facing Dog

5 min

Reclined Flow

10 min

Props: strap

Guided Relaxation (Savasana)

6 min

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