Mindful Movement

layering on top of traditional yoga

adding active stretching to the traditionally passive stretching of yoga brings a whole new evolution to using our bodies to make shapes and create awareness. varying our movement and mixing it up challenges the brain and nurtures the nervous system.  this is evidence-based movement that makes the body strong, mobile, and capable.


Your Body is Your #1 Asset

Your Body is Your #1 Asset

You have a body, and you need energy, stamina, and calm. You need to take the time (every day!!) to create this for yourself proactively. Once you realize that taking care of your body is a business expense, it can become a priority.

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Home is Where the Mat Is

Home is Where the Mat Is

Home in Newfoundland and on the mat! Plus a sequence for the all-levels class I taught at Nova Yoga in December 2017, which has several new ways of approaching traditional yoga postures that will challenge your body and mind in a whole new way within YOUR ranges of motion and sense of strength!

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Recommended Courses

Calling all Yoga Teachers!!

I’m pleased to recommend two awesome evidence-based online courses from one of my favorite yoga teachers out there, Jenni Rawlings.

Her course “Keeping Your Yoga Teaching Current” and also her new course, “How to See & Teach Movement for Yoga Teachers” are both informative, well-organized, fascinating, and fun!! This information filled a gap for me that all of my yoga teacher trainings just did not touch, and it’s GREAT stuff.


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JRY - Keeping Your Yoga Teaching CurrentJRY - How to See & Teach Movement



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