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to me, teaching is a practice unto itself. the art of giving presence and awareness to another is a skill worth cultivating, and is one that i’m continuing to hone every day. my teaching will always evolve and change, as does all of life.


10 Tips for Arm Balances and What They Have to Teach Us

Have you ever avoided the arm balance section of a yoga class? You know, slipped away to the bathroom just when the teacher announces that it’s time to breakdown Bakasana (Crow Pose) or (even worse) Handstand? Why practice (or teach) arm balances? Because it’s so exciting to watch students do things that they didn’t think they could. Tips for finding flight!

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Set Your Vision and Intention: A Yoga Practice

When you have an experience that makes you feel so alive, you often wind up thinking, “I want to do this Every, Single. Day!” That’s a form of intention. It points you in a direction. You DID the thing. You had the feeling. You got a glimpse. And that shimmer of joy provides the start of an intention.

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